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Episode 306: Fifty Years of Spiders

This week the word is Fidget, since the nerds are both fidgeters, and they discuss various ups and downs of fidgeting. Then Keith gives a detailed report on his recent trip to Canada where he was filming a D&D session series with several other game industry luminaries. Keith talks about other D&D projects he’s been up to as well, then they talk a little about various media, including Mr. Robot, Velma, That 90s Show, Ashes to Ashes, and Taskmaster. Keith also talks about playing a new game called Scout. Lastly, Andy talks about a new Parsely game he just wrote, called Trapped! and it’s so short that he decided to let Keith play through the game on the air (after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, of course).

Spoiler Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 304: A Cat Named Keith Baker

This week the word is (N)evermore, since the nerds discuss the Wednesday Addams series, which is set at the Nevermore Academy, as well as the Evermore theme park which was the subject of a recent Jenny Nicholson video. Next, Andy talks about the real meaning of the “Golden Rings” in the Twelve Days of Christmas, and Keith talks about a fan who named their cat Keith Baker. This leads to some discussions about cats and dogs, and Andy talks about the new solitaire rules for Fluxx. Then they yammer about hopes for the new year and other random stuff.

Episode 302: Caution: Groovy Pavement

This week the word is Groovy, since Andy just turned 59. The nerd discuss a few groovy topics, then Keith talks about AmberCon and a couple of games he played there using the No Dice, No Masters RPG system. Then Andy talks about running a playtest of Dustworld for a bunch of his friends on his birthday. Other topics include Jenny Nicholson’s videos, Rocky & Bullwinkle, and vintage LARP games. After lowering the spoiler curtain, they discuss Andor, Lower Decks, and the Peripheral.

Spoiler Warning: contains spoilers!

Episode 301: The Hard Thing or the Easy Thing

This week the word is Cool, since Keith’s company is Kickstarting a game called Cool Cool Cool. They also discuss coolness in other games and coolness (and uncoolness) in general. Other topics include fist bumps, Crater Lake, Keith’s current Eberron game, and a new videogame he’s working on. Andy talks about the next Looney Labs release: Across America Fluxx. He also talks about buying a lawnmower, and Keith talks about his sword cabinet. Then they discuss the question of doing the Hard Thing or the Easy Thing. Keith talks about re-reading a classic called The Tain. Next they drop the spoiler curtain to discuss season 3 of Lower Decks at length, followed by discussions of Andor, Rings of Power, She-Hulk, and others. Lastly, Keith reports on things he’s heard about the Galactic Starcruiser.

Spoiler Warning: contains spoilers!

Episode 285: Four Interesting Chickens

Blurb: This week the word is choices. The nerds start by discussing various difficult choices and how creating those is a goal of game designers. Keith talks about recent events in his role playing game that involved 4 chickens. Moving on to media, Keith talks about watching Yellow Jackets, and Andy talks about Station Eleven and Miracle Workers. Next they talk a bit about unusual tarot decks. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss The Book of Boba Fett and Star Trek Prodigy. Andy also describes a scene from My Little Pony.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 283: The Power of the Dog vs. The Nine Kittens of Christmas

This week the word is gimmick. The nerds discuss gimmicks seen in games and 3-D movies and various nuances of the term. Next Keith talks about watching movies with a home projector. He gives his non-spoilery thoughts about several films including The Matrix 4, and Andy talks similarly about Don’t Look Up and Get Back. Then Andy yammers about the ending of an obscure time travel movie from 1964, and Keith talks about recent legal proceedings within his current RPG game. Discussions include teenage protagonists from the 80s who are good with computers and are popular. Near the end they discuss House of Leaves and recent Star Treks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains vintage spoilers.

Episode 281: For Only Moonkind

This week the word is conventions. The nerds start by talking about PAX Unplugged, the first big convention they’ve been to since the pandemic began. Then they talk about a fan-edit of the series For All Mankind that focuses only on the space mission plotlines, called For Only Moonkind. Andy tells the origin story of the obscure usage of “Robocop” as a verb, and then they talk about Star Trek Discovery. Other topics include stuff they’re currently working on, new flavors from Tony Chocolonely, Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser, Keith’s current RPGs, and House of Leaves.

Episode 274: Strange Rays from Outer Space

This week the word is Zombies. The nerds have a lot to say about zombies, and how they differ from other undead beings including vampires, ghosts, and reanimated corpses. After all that, Keith recaps the start of his Fugue State: Threshold campaign running via Twitch, and Andy again has things to say about Taskmaster. Next they talk about what book they should read next. Behind the spoiler curtain they talk about What If and Lower Decks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 272: The Only D20s in Bulgaria

This week the word is Collectors, and begins with the nerds talking about their own collections and various types of collectors. The discussion includes classic arcade games (including the obscure hit, Rip Off), Magic cards (and what it was like in the very early days), collecting topics ranging from curating to completeness, Keith’s story about the difficulty of obtaining RPG dice in Bulgaria, and the mystique of Cosmic Wimpout dice. Moving on to media, Andy talks a little about The Expanse and a lot about Taskmaster. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss the first two episodes of Lower Decks and What If? episode 2.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.