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Episode 325: Look Who’s Stabbing

Look Who’s Stabbing

The word is movies and the nerds talk at length about the movie-going experience, categories of movies, and in particular, their favorite science fiction movies. First they deal with the heavy-hitters, discussing their favorites from within the most well-known franchises, then they discuss their personal all-around faves. They also talk awhile about what favorite thing to discuss next time. Then they discuss some old business (Waking Life, The Killing Joke, and Hot Ones) before dropping the spoiler curtain to discuss Oppenheimer and the Dune movies.

Episode 324: Space Food Marathon

Space Food Marathon

The word is bars, in particular candy bars. The nerds spend a lot of time talking about their favorites, including limits on what counts as a candy bar, discontinued favorites, and recent trends. They also touch on bars, coffeeshops, and cafes. Then they discuss what topic of favorite stuff to discuss next, and debate the issues involved in naming a favorite movie. Next Keith talks about work stuff, including his patreon RPG that featured a special guest star, and his upcoming appearance on D&D in a castle. Andy mentions that the Looney Oracle just went to the printer, and talks a little about what the Oracle is. Lastly, Keith talks about the You Tube interview show Hot Ones.