Monthly archives of “July 2023

Episode 313: Panama!

The word is Leila since this is episode 313 and Leila’s birthday is 3/13. (They forgot to mention it on the show, but Leila provided all the vocalizations for this podcast’s opening.) Andy tells a few Leila stories, including the reason why her Burning Man nickname is Panama. Then Keith has stories from his recent trip to Origins, and talks a little about the newest Spiderman movie. They also talk about Secret Invasion (and its AI-generated title sequence) and other new Marvel shows, pinball machines, Thunder Road, Set, and Keith’s current D&D campaign. Lastly, after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, they discuss the Leftovers and Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

Spoiler Warning: Contains Spoilers

Episode 312: Robots Making Coffee

The word is leftovers so the nerds talk about leftovers of various sorts, including pizza, mac&cheese, french fries, and a TV series from a few years ago called The Leftovers. Andy talks a little about binging Breaking Bad, and Keith gives his impressions of the endings of Succession and Ted Lasso. This ends up leading to yet another conversation about Star Wars, followed by yet another conversation about tarot decks. Other topics include robot baristas, automated emissions testing, and the pending take-over of society by AIs. Lastly, they drop the Spoiler Curtain to get into a more in-depth discussion of The Leftovers.

Spoiler Warning: Contains Spoilers