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Episode 296: Whozeewhatzit

This week the word is biweekly. First the nerds talk about their recent decision to slow down this podcast, by only recording it every other week (even though they will continue to talk weekly). Then Keith mentions that he thinks he’s caught Covid, after which he gives his live reactions to a new type of candy bar he discovered. Next, Keith recounts the latest action in his current D&D campaigns. Moving on to media, they talk about Taskmaster, the penultimate episode of This Is Us, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, The Orville, and the Obi-wan Kenobi series.

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 294: And You Would Be Right To Do So

This week the word is recombobulation, and it’s a week of random topics for the nerds, including: Keith’s recent trip to Utah, sodas of unusual flavors, Watergate, apple-picking excursions, Andy’s neck-watch, John Bowman’s catchphrase on Hollywood Squares, Matter-Eater Lad, how to use time travel to steal DB Cooper’s suitcase full of cash, Strange New Worlds vs Discovery, Duolingo, The Godfather, history-based movies, and many other things.

Episode 292: Return of the Carbuncle

This week the word is Carbuncle (again). First, Keith reports on a very successful D&D session he just ran, featuring a carbuncle. Andy recommends that Keith watch a movie called The Endless, and Keith recommends Everything Everywhere All At Once, and also talks about a show called Servant. Then they discuss various late night talk shows they enjoy, and Keith mentions that a mysterious stranger has been sleeping in his car. Then they drop the spoiler curtain to complain quite a bit about Star Trek Picard.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 291: I’m a Doctor, Not a Mechanic

This week the word is cliffhanger. The nerds discuss various cliffhangers they’ve enjoyed, or not, and the problems of cliffhangers that end up never being resolved, or worse, having disappointing eventual resolutions, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Twin Peaks, and many others. Then Keith has another word to discuss, which is decoct, after which he talks his next D&D game, and Andy talks about his newest pyramid game, which he’s calling Green Queen. Andy also mentions a Star Trek fan film he enjoyed, called Doomsday. Then they drop the spoiler curtain to talk at length about Star Trek Picard and Severance.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 289: Thanks to these Puppies

This week the word is Consequences. After a quick shoutout to the concept album, the nerds discuss the importance of consequences in games and other forms of story-telling, with particular emphasis Star Trek and Phoenix: Dawn Command. Next Keith yammers about the expression, “Beyond the Pale,” and Andy talks a little about Galactic StarCruiser. Then they continue their discussion of House of Leaves, in particular, Expedition 5. Moving on to other media, they talk about Free Guy and The Adam Project, and Andy talks about playing games on BoardGameArena, in particular, Lost Cities. Lastly, they lower the spoiler curtain to discuss the newest episodes of Star Trek Discovery and Picard.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 288: Is the Top Still Spinning?

This week the word is Dream. The nerds talk at great length about dreams and dreaming, games Keith has worked on that focus on dreams, various recurring dreams they’ve had, lucid dreams, and so on. They also discuss dream-themed movies, with particular attention given to the Lathe of Heaven. Next, Keith talks about a recent trip to Utah, then Andy brings up some lingering Galactus topics. Lastly, after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, they talk about the most recent Star Treks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 287: Yay! It’s a Waffle Party!

This week the word is Memories. The nerds talk about stories and games they’ve enjoyed in which memories are tampered with: implanted, erased, jumbled, and so on. These topics merge into dreams, which they also talk about a lot, which Andy going off on a tangent about bi-phasic sleep. Keith gives a report on his aging mother, prompting Andy to recommend a relevant book by Roz Chast. Andy also talks about starting to plan for Burning Man, and then they discuss some Star Trek rumors. Lastly, after dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss the first two episodes of Severance.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 285: Four Interesting Chickens

Blurb: This week the word is choices. The nerds start by discussing various difficult choices and how creating those is a goal of game designers. Keith talks about recent events in his role playing game that involved 4 chickens. Moving on to media, Keith talks about watching Yellow Jackets, and Andy talks about Station Eleven and Miracle Workers. Next they talk a bit about unusual tarot decks. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss The Book of Boba Fett and Star Trek Prodigy. Andy also describes a scene from My Little Pony.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 279: Vampires vs Zombies

This week the word is Exposition. First, Keith has things to say about Dune. Then the nerds discuss a bunch of their favorite (and least favorite) examples of well-done exposition scenes. Next Keith raises the important question of how vampires would deal with a zombie apocalypse. Speaking of the undead also brings up the subject of Ghosts. Andy also mentions enjoying a film called The History of Time Travel. Next they finally make a decision about what book to read next. They discuss Taskmaster for a bit, then finally, after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, they discuss the ending of Only Murders In The Building.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 278: Cetaceans in Spaaaaace!

This week the word is Dolphins. The nerds reminisce about Bluestar, the almost-a-videogame about dolphins in space they worked on back in the nineties. They also discuss cetacean ops on the starship Enterprise. Andy talks about the most recent episode of Survivor and how much the game has changed since it started. Keith reports in vague terms on work stuff he’s been working on, and talks about his recent discovery of the Silent Disco. Next they continue their discussions about what book to read next, and Keith reports on his D&D campaign. After lowering the spoiler curtain they discuss the last few episodes of season 2 of Lower Decks, and the near-final few episodes of season one of Only Murders in the Building. Lastly, Andy shares a few reactions to the first episode of Ordinary Joe.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.