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Episode 261: Legendary Mustaches

This week the word is Palimpsest. After first discussing what the word even means, the nerds discuss a few examples of palimpsests, the most notable of which being the book they’ve been reading, S. aka Ship of Theseus. Other topics include Tig Notaro, recent life issues including vaccinations, online conventions, Lower Decks, Debris, Solar Opposites, TikTok videos, Raised by Wolves, Kong vs. Godzilla, For All Mankind, favorite RPG moments, and Keith’s D&D campaign. Then they discuss chapter 9 of S., and a paragraph that reminded Andy of an old card game called Dark Cults. Lastly, they discuss episode 5 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Here are links to the TikTok videos Keith mentions on this show, regarding Cookies, D&D with Ping, and RPG Memories

Episode 260: All the Liquid Nitrogen in the Soviet Union

This week the word is Chernobyl, and the nerds start by discussing various aspects of that and other big disasters. Andy talks about getting his first shot, and the nerds speculate about life after vaccination. Keith talks about Harley Quinn, and Andy talks about Infinity Train. Keith reports on the D&D campaign he’s doing on Patreon, and on the progress of the Kickstarter for Gloomier. He also talks about eating cookies on TikTok. Then Andy discusses the just-announced Wonderland Fluxx. Next come the spoilers, as they discuss Chapter 8 of S., episode 2 of Raised By Wolves, I Am Mother, episodes 2 & 3 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and lastly, the HBO mini-series, Chernobyl.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 258: Significant Skulls

This week the word is Dickens. The nerds discuss a few Dicken-related topics, in particular Great Expectations, and other things for which expectations were great. Keith talks about an interactive experience called Broadway Whodunit, and Andy mentions some favorite moments from re-watching Demolition Man. Then Andy talks about Looney Labs Silver Jubilee events, and Keith reports on the D&D campaign he’s running for his Patreon patrons. Other topics include The Anubis Gates and In & Of Itself. Next they discuss chapter 7 of S., and finally, it’s a no-spoilers-barred discussion of the final episode of WandaVision.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 254: Diggity D!

This week the word is Delicious. First the nerds spend a lot of time talking about Mr. Delicious, the disastrous spokesman for a fast food chain called Rax. They also discuss deliciousness in general. Then Keith gives a report on the D&D campaign he’s running for his Patreon supporters, and Andy talks about some of the stuff Looney Labs is doing for their 25th anniversary. Then they discuss various media subjects with increasing spoiler-warning levels. They start with the first half of chapter 4 of S., then they discuss episode 3 of WandaVision, and lastly, the film by Derek DelGaudio called In & Of Itself.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 252: Don’t Use the Dream Toilet

This week the word is Unknown. The nerds talk about various unknowns, like hidden information in game design, stories in which characters are thrust into unknown settings, situations in which you don’t know who you are, things that are unknowable, and questions that meant to never be answered. Keith talks about unknowns in Eberron, and also mentions Bridgerton, Dexter, and the D&D campaign he’s run 60 times. This leads to a discussion of unusual adaptations of Shakespeare. Keith reports on finding the answer the “Blah Rhubarb Blah” question he asked last week, and the each talk about issues they’ve been having with mice. Next, Andy gives his final report on The Last Airbender, and Keith talks about obscure candy bars. Moving on to media, they discuss Chapter 2 of S. They also talk about Tolkien stories from the point of view of the eagles. Lastly, they drop the spoiler curtain to discuss the season 3 finale of Star Trek: Discovery.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 248: Baby Yoda Gets the Cookies

This week the word is Heroes. The nerds talk about their favorite heroes, what makes for a good hero, etc. As with last week’s discussion of villains, they have a lot to say (including more about villains). Then Keith talks about the Eberron campaign he’s running for his Patreon subscribers. Moving on to media, they talk a little about Schitt’s Creek before dropping the spoiler curtain to discuss the newest episodes of Star Trek Discovery and The Mandalorian.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 246: Kindergarten Triceratops

This week the word is dinosaurs. The nerds discuss their favorite dinosaurs (and why the triceratops is the best), depictions of dinosaurs in popular media, other meanings and definitions for the word dinosaur, the inclusion of dinosaurs in D&D, and the Loch Ness Monster. Then they move on to other topics, including Halloween, the extended versions of the LOTR movies, Rick & Morty, and Schitt’s Creek. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss the Mandalorian and Star Trek Discovery.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 231: Pizza Quesadillas

This week the word is changes. First they talk about how the Romulans were changed to be the Klingons during the development of Star Trek 3, and other ways in which key elements of on-going story franchises have changed and evolved over time. Keith talks about how changes to the way werewolfism was dealt with in the rules to D&D impacted the design of Eberron. Other topics they mention include Life’s Lottery, The Butterfly Effect, and The Doom Patrol. Then they lower the vintage spoiler curtain to discuss Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country at length.

VINTAGE SPOILER WARNING: contains vintage spoilers.

Episode 206: The Severed Arm of Chuck Palahniuk

This week the word is unreliable. They discuss unreliable narrators in popular media, trying not to get to spoilery until the last part of the show. Andy talks about his upcoming trip to Russia, and Keith tells the story of how he came to be in possession of an autographed rubber arm. Other topics include Galactus action figures, Keith’s new Eberron books, Math Fluxx 2.0, Tom Lehrer’s New Math song, and what Keith wants to do next with Gloom. Then they lower the spoiler curtain to further discuss unreliable narrator stories.


Episode 196: Lab Coats and Watermelons

This week the word is Gen Con, which the nerds spend a lot of time discussing. But first Keith talks about being in Maine, and his distaste for lobster. They talk about the year 2020, seeing multiple people wearing a lab coat and carrying a watermelon, and zany stunts they used to do at sci-fi conventions before they each started a game company. Keith talks about his new project with the Adventure Zone, then they speculate more about the upcoming Picard series. Andy asks Keith to compare the gore factors on Stranger Things vs. The Boys, since Andy is very adverse to graphic depictions. Then Keith talks about the start of Season 3 of Legion, and Andy mentions a theory about Star Wars Episode 9 that’s been going around. After lowering the spoiler curtain, the discuss season 3 of Stranger Things.