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Episode 321: They’re All Just Birds

They’re All Just Birds

The word is character so the nerds talk about their favorite characters, what makes for a fun character to role-play, who’s really the main character, and what’s important in being a person with good character. Keith talks about appearing on the next season of Legacy of Worlds. Andy talks about being Frank, the person everyone knows (and his friend, Anthony’s sister) in a game of Over The Edge. They also talk about the importance of good sportsmanship in leadership. They talk about the holidays and gifts they each got, and Andy talks about how the biggest Christmas stories are actually time travel stories. They discuss their favorite versions of a Christmas Carol. After the spoiler curtain, they discuss the Peripheral a little and season 2 of Loki at great length.

Episode 317: The Undead A-Team

The word is camping. The nerds discuss their love of camping trips and Andy mentions that Camping Fluxx just went to the printer. Then they talk about Keith’s latest appearance on the Six Sides of Gaming livestream, and Keith talks about games he plans to run at GameHoleCon. Andy then talks a bit more about his big Across America road trip and the living souvenir he returned with: a new kitten, named Neko. Then the nerds start talking about Star Trek and Star Wars, again. Keith gives his high-level thoughts on Ahsoka season 1, then after they drop the spoiler curtain, they talk at length about Season 4 of Lower Decks. Keith also talks about Loki, Bluestar, and Byzantine History.

Episode 314: “This is a Time Portal.”

The word is well. The nerds have a surprising amount to say about wells. Then they talk a bit in non-spoilery terms about the stuff they’ll be talking about after they drop the spoiler curtain, which they do pretty early in the episode because they have so much media they want to discuss, namely the Star Trek Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover episode, Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse, and the final episodes of The Leftovers. Other topics include Keith’s grandmother’s involvement with the Manhattan Project, Ketih’s mini-reviews of games he’s been playing lately on his new Switch, vintage videogames (including the terrible classic Night Trap), and of course, wells.

Spoiler Warning: Contains Spoilers

Episode 313: Panama!

The word is Leila since this is episode 313 and Leila’s birthday is 3/13. (They forgot to mention it on the show, but Leila provided all the vocalizations for this podcast’s opening.) Andy tells a few Leila stories, including the reason why her Burning Man nickname is Panama. Then Keith has stories from his recent trip to Origins, and talks a little about the newest Spiderman movie. They also talk about Secret Invasion (and its AI-generated title sequence) and other new Marvel shows, pinball machines, Thunder Road, Set, and Keith’s current D&D campaign. Lastly, after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, they discuss the Leftovers and Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

Spoiler Warning: Contains Spoilers

Episode 297: The Sun Came Up and They Held Hands

This week the word is Covid, since Keith just lost his membership in the never-had-Covid club. Keith talks about what Covid has been like, and also talks abut ordering a bunch of Giordano’s pizzas. Then they talk, yet again, about Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Eventually they move on to other shows and movies including Ghostbusters Afterlife and Dr. Strange before going back to the subject of Star Trek.

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 288: Is the Top Still Spinning?

This week the word is Dream. The nerds talk at great length about dreams and dreaming, games Keith has worked on that focus on dreams, various recurring dreams they’ve had, lucid dreams, and so on. They also discuss dream-themed movies, with particular attention given to the Lathe of Heaven. Next, Keith talks about a recent trip to Utah, then Andy brings up some lingering Galactus topics. Lastly, after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, they talk about the most recent Star Treks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 284: The Ultimate Nullifier

Blurb: This week the word is Galactus. The nerds start by discussing the giant Marvel character at great length. Next, after checking in with work stuff, they discuss recently rewatching the original Matrix movie. Then they really get into the spoilers, first talking about the book they’re both reading, House of Leaves, then a movie, Marvel’s Eternals, and a series, the Book of Boba Fett.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 282: Andy and the Mids

This week the word is Pyramids. Andy yammers about his life-long obsession with pyramids and talks about a new theory for how they were built. Then the nerds talk about unusual names, artificial candles & fireplaces, seeing a movie (Spiderman) in a movie theater again, Root and other asymmetrical powers games, and Taskmaster. Lastly, after dropping the spoiler curtain, Keith has many thoughts about the Star Trek Disovery episode called The Examples.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 277: The Ultimate Good Stuff

This week the word is Cookies. Topics include the crime of replacing chocolate chips with raisins, the recipe for Sweet Dream cookies, the best gluten-free flour substitute, rigging a baking contest during a D&D game, and biscuits vs scones. Then they get into a long discussion about discontinued candy and other lost foods. Moving on to media, they talk about Foundation and Dune and the importance of wacky side characters in huge epic dramas. They discuss a few other shows they’ve been watching, including, of course, Taskmaster. Lastly they briefly discuss Lower Decks and What If?

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 276: Break Me Off a Piece of that Squid-Kat Bar

This week the word is Quisling, for reasons that become clear only after Andy talks about watching old videos of Norm MacDonald. Keith talks about the Bar None candy bar raises the question of discontinued food products. Non-spoilery media topics include the movie Clue, Taskmaster, Only Murders in the Building, and the first few episodes of For All Mankind and Foundation. Next Andy talks about Chrononauts being discussed on the Sleep With Me podcast, which leads to a discussion of the euphemism, “bought the farm.” Keith talks about his D&D campaign and a custom miniature of his character he got from Hero Forge, then they vote another book off their list of book club candidates. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss Lower Decks and What If?

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.