Monthly archives of “October 2016

Episode 79: The People’s Duel


This week Andy stops in Portland (during his big West Coast Trip) to visit Keith. Andy tells Keith how the trip has been so far, and Keith tells Andy about the Illimat Kickstarter he’s right in the middle of. Other topics include dog parks, Pyramid Arcade, the musical Hamilton, and dueling with paintball guns. Lastly they discuss several new shows: Timeless, Westworld, and Luke Cage.

Episode 78: Pyramids Save the Day!


John Cooper joins Andy & Keith to talk about the early days of the Looney Pyramids game system. Of course the story begins with Icehouse, and the tournaments we used to run for that game, including the infamous 4th IIT, made famous by Keith and the Bates Discordians. Then they discuss John’s games for pyramids + tarot cards (Zarcana & Gnostica) and John’s finest creation, Homeworlds.

Episode 77: Gobstoppers


The episode begins with Keith talking about his about-to-launch Kickstarter for his new game Illimat, and Andy points out that it’s an example of something he calls a Gobstopper: something that started out as a fictional thing, then became a real-life version of that thing. But then they spent most of the episode talking about the season 2 finale of Mr. Robot.

Episode 76: Humpback for Hope


First the guys talk about recent bummers, both national and local, then they discuss various work issues. They discuss several conceptual games including the board game called The Emperor’s New Clothes and some vintage, very tricky video games, including Humpback and Desert Bus. Then they spend the rest of the episode talking about the penultimate episode of seasons 2 of Mr. Robot.