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Episode 324: Space Food Marathon

Space Food Marathon

The word is bars, in particular candy bars. The nerds spend a lot of time talking about their favorites, including limits on what counts as a candy bar, discontinued favorites, and recent trends. They also touch on bars, coffeeshops, and cafes. Then they discuss what topic of favorite stuff to discuss next, and debate the issues involved in naming a favorite movie. Next Keith talks about work stuff, including his patreon RPG that featured a special guest star, and his upcoming appearance on D&D in a castle. Andy mentions that the Looney Oracle just went to the printer, and talks a little about what the Oracle is. Lastly, Keith talks about the You Tube interview show Hot Ones.

Episode 318: A Decade of Slacking

The word is charcuterie, so the nerds start by sharing their thoughts on charcuterie boards. Andy announces that Leila is taking over the job of doing the sound editing on this show, then they talk about Hearts and Whist and Icehouse and Magic. Keith reports on GameHoleCon and shares his spoiler-free thoughts about Bodies and Loki Season 2. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss the finale of Season 4 of Lower Decks, with a few added thoughts about the Fall of the House of Usher and The Last of Us.

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Episode 312: Robots Making Coffee

The word is leftovers so the nerds talk about leftovers of various sorts, including pizza, mac&cheese, french fries, and a TV series from a few years ago called The Leftovers. Andy talks a little about binging Breaking Bad, and Keith gives his impressions of the endings of Succession and Ted Lasso. This ends up leading to yet another conversation about Star Wars, followed by yet another conversation about tarot decks. Other topics include robot baristas, automated emissions testing, and the pending take-over of society by AIs. Lastly, they drop the Spoiler Curtain to get into a more in-depth discussion of The Leftovers.

Spoiler Warning: Contains Spoilers

Episode 259: Even Robots Can Cry

This week the word is Android. The nerds discuss their favorite androids, the differences between an android and a cyborg, what it means to be an human, etc. Next they discuss Justice League and Doom Patrol. After the spoiler warning, they discuss chapter 7.5 of S., and the first episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Raised by Wolves.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 244: Who Likes Opera?

This week the word is SpaceOpera. First the nerds discuss various types of operas before focusing in on the various types of Space Operas. They also talk about Rock Operas, Horse Operas, Klingon Operas and Planetary Romances. Turning to work, they talk about ideas they’ve been having for running games for people using Zoom and such. Keith talks about the start of season 4 of Fargo, and shares his excitement about the new Right Stuff series that’s about to launch, plus Archer and Bob’s Burgers. Then they drop the spoiler curtain to talk about Star Trek: Lower Decks, before circling back to space operas again. Lastly, Keith complains about Animal Babies.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 211: Toss a Coin to the Mandalorian

This week the word is Misunderstanding. Andy explains the point of confusion that led to an odd choice for the cartoon that happened a couple of weeks ago, and yammers about movies featuring VW Beetles, including Bumblebee, the Cars movies, and in particular, Herbie the Love Bug. Keith talks about The Repair Shop and things that make him feel old. He also talks about Knives Out and Rian Johnson’s style as a director, which gets both of them ranting about Star Wars movies again. They each talk a little about their current work projects, then they discuss a book called Ship of Theseus. After the spoiler warning they discuss The Witcher and The Mandalorian.

Spoiler warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 209: Gandalf’s 13

This week the word is Heist! The guys discuss classic heist movies and stories that follow the heist formula but aren’t usually thought of as heist stories. Keith describes a mind-melding heist RPG he’d like to run someday, and talks about the celebrity D&D game he just returned from filming. After the spoiler warning they discuss Mandalorian episodes 4-6, the season 1 finale of Watchmen, and Rick and Morty.

Spoiler warning: Contains Spoilers!

A note about this week’s cartoon: For those who may not recognize him, that’s Kylie from Fantastic Mr. Fox. But why Kylie and not Bilbo? We were confused too so we asked Goodloe. Turns out that since he just goes by the title and blurb when creating these cartoons, he didn’t realize the title was meant to refer to The Hobbit, and its 13 person team, and instead thought of The Lord of the Rings and the team of 9 that Gandalf anchors there. Then, as Goodloe explains, “Gandalf’s 13 would be playing off the trope of Oceans 11, 12, 13 etc where they add some weird tie in actor each sequel. So by the time they got to sequel 5 from the original 9 members of the fellowship it would be scraping the bottom of the sequel barrel and who else would be the worst member to add to the fellowship of the ring but the least capable member of another heist film.”

Episode 199: Atlantis, Georgia

This week the word is Atlantis. Andy talks at length about a book called Fingerprints of the Gods. Then they talk a little about game design stuff before moving on to media. Keith talks about Carnival Row, the new Dark Crystal series, and season 3 of Legion. Then Andy talks about camping in his truck and seeing a few sights during his long drive back from Burning Man. Keith reminisces about the time he found himself at a creepy motel in remote Canada, and sends along a few photos. Lastly, Andy talks about another book he read during his travels, called Under the Red Sea Sun.

Episode 198: Cloned Yesterday

This week the word is clones and the nerds have a lot to say about that. Then they spend a lot of time speculating about new Star Wars stuff based on recently released trailers. Andy tells Keith about his trip to Burning Man, then Keith tells Andy about his trip to DragonCon. Lastly they lower the spoiler curtain for an in-depth review of the movie Yesterday.


Episode 168: Deep Babylon 15


This week the nerds talk about the number nine. They have at least nine thoughts about it. Andy has elaborate ideas for what he would do if he suddenly got the job of writing Star Wars Episode 9, then Keith tosses out his own ideas for how to finish the trilogy of Star Wars trilogies. Moving on to other media, Keith talks about a new show called Homecoming, and Andy gives his reactions to season 2 of Babylon 5, which they compare with Deep Space 9.