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Episode 243: Fantasizing Favorite Fantastical Fantasies

This week the word is fantasy. First the nerds discuss the basic definition of fantasy, then Andy teases a few details about Fantasy Fluxx, which is coming out early next year. Then they discuss their favorite fantasy classics and obscure favorites. On media, Andy mentions watching Onward, then they talk about all the new Star Trek shows on now or coming soon, and a few other shows at a non-spoilery level.

Episode 242: Twenty Different Kinds of Doppelgängers

This week the word is doppelgänger. The nerds discuss their favorite evil duplicate shapeshifter tropes at length. How would you prove you are really you and not just a copy? Then they check in on each other’s work progress before moving on to media. After the spoiler curtain drops they spend a lot of time talking about Star Trek Lower Decks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 241: I’m Just Here for the Weird Stuff

This week the word is travel. Keith talks about his recent trip to back to NY to visit his aging mother, and what airports and flights are like in the post-covid world. Then he reports on things back home in Portland, where the wildfires have filled the air with toxic smoke. Going back to travel, they take about how lack of travel has affected the these past six months. Turning to media, Andy talks about trying to get into Dark, then goes on quite a tangent about Dobie Gillis and Scooby Doo. He also mentions how a song from The Last Airbender has gotten stuck in his head. Lastly, Keith shares a few thoughts about The Boys.

Episode 240: A World of Squirrels

This week the word is wizard. First the nerds discuss their favorite wizards at length, which leads to them both sharing stories from their early LARP game experiences. Then they talk about Bill and Ted Face the Music without getting too spoilery. Lastly, Keith gives some high-level thoughts about Doom Patrol season 2 and the first 3 episodes of Lovecraft Country.

BLOOPER WARNING: contains bloopers.

Episode 239: Meanwhile, in Chicago…

This week the word is malinger. First the guys discuss what the word actually means, then they share memories of malingering, including the time Keith when was trapped in a closet while staying home from school. Next they discuss the 3rd episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Keith talks about work stuff and games he’s playing, and the challenge of making Bingo cards for Lovecraft Country. Then Andy talks about the newest Parsely game he’s writing, and asks Keith to describe what he remembers about a game idea they pitched in the final days of their time together at Magnet, which would have been called the Secret City. Keith also talks about how those ideas helped inspire work he did later on Crossroads and Over the Edge. After the lowering the spoiler curtain, Andy gives his thoughts on Season 2 of the Umbrella Academy.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 238: The Trouble with Quibbles

This week the word is game. The nerds discuss the technical definition of a game vs. various unusual games and play activities. Is it a game or just collaborative story-telling experience? They also discuss their own preferences in games, strategy vs. tactical games, etc. Then they lower the spoiler curtain to discuss the first two episodes of Star Trek Lower Decks, the first episode of Lovecraft Country, season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, and a movie called Radioactive.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 237: Hooray for New Maps!

This week the word is Coffeeshop. Topics include Amsterdam Coffeeshops, sandwiches on How I Met Your Mother, shows where a lot of action takes place in a coffeeshop, Andy’s favorite painting, 3rd Space Places, fluffer-nutters with chocolate chips, and that time when John called Andy late at night and said “Meet me at Denny’s.” Then the nerds talk about work stuff, energy vampires living next door, and the upcoming Lando series. After the book spoiler curtain they finish their discussions of Life’s Lottery. Lastly, they discuss the last couple of episodes of season 2 of The Twilight Zone.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 234: The Brain Erasers

This week the word is Memory. The nerds talk about various tropes in media and gaming that involve having your memory wiped. Then they get into a big discussion about the book, Life’s Lottery. Lastly, the discuss the season two finale of Homecoming and another new Twilight Zone episode.

SPOILER WARNING: contains lotsa spoilers.