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Episode 329: The Troll Abides

The Troll Abides

The word is Eleven and the nerds start by discussing things they like about the number 11. Andy also mentions 11 Fluxx ideas he’s been working on. Then they get into a discussion of their favorite time travel shows which takes up most of the show. After that, Keith talks about his new campaign on Patreon and gives an update on Wayfinder. Lastly, they talk slightly about recent media include Star Trek: Discovery, Star Wars: Acolyte, and Dark Matter.

Episode 328: The Gilligan Factor

The Gilligan Factor

The word is Chrononaut and the nerds are here to discuss their favorite time travel movies. But first, they have to discuss terms and edge cases like time loop tales and alternate reality stories. Then they discuss a long list of time travel movies as they each struggle to decide which to call their favorites. Next Keith talks about being a Guest of Honor at BatesCon #1 and other work stuff, then Andy talks about the new Chrononauts expansion, changing the name of the Winnie the Pooh version of Fluxx, and playtest #7 of Starbase Armstrong. Lastly they discuss media including the new Doctor Who, a couple of time travel books, and after the Spoiler Curtain, the Whistespeak episode of Star Trek Discovery.

Episode 327: Poppet the Castle Cat

Poppet the Castle Cat

The word is castle because Keith just got back from running 9-days of D&D games in an actual castle. Next the nerds talk about their favorite castles. Then Andy talks about his recent travels, to Washington Indiana to see the total eclipse of the sun. Moving on to media, they talk a little about a bunch of new shows they haven’t watched much of yet. Keith talks about Hot Chocolate Cafes in Edinburgh, and Andy gives a report on Playtest #6 of Starbase Armstrong. Looking ahead, Keith talks about the upcoming Kickstarter for Glim, Andy talks about ideas for a Patreon, and they make plans to discuss Time Travel movies on the next episode.

Episode 326: It’s Pizza Crisp Cereal!

It’s Pizza Crisp Cereal!

The word is breakfast and the nerds talk at length about their favorite breakfast foods, with particular focus on their favorite breakfast cereals. Then Keith talks about his most recent adventures, including running games at back-to-back conventions and the upcoming kickstarter for his new game, Glim. Then Andy reports on his recent trip to MidSouthCon. Other topics include Baron Munchausen, Tennessee Tuxedo, and Six Sides of Gaming.

Episode 325: Look Who’s Stabbing

Look Who’s Stabbing

The word is movies and the nerds talk at length about the movie-going experience, categories of movies, and in particular, their favorite science fiction movies. First they deal with the heavy-hitters, discussing their favorites from within the most well-known franchises, then they discuss their personal all-around faves. They also talk awhile about what favorite thing to discuss next time. Then they discuss some old business (Waking Life, The Killing Joke, and Hot Ones) before dropping the spoiler curtain to discuss Oppenheimer and the Dune movies.

Episode 323: Don’t You Dare Push That Button!

Don’t You Dare Push That Button!

The word is videogames, and the nerds spend a lot of time talking about their favorite videogames, breaking the subject down by type, era, and platform. Then Keith talks about his recent travels to Toronto to film more Six Sides of Gaming adventures, and Andy talks about the disappointing misprint in his new release, Camping Fluxx. They discuss media slightly, including Barbie and the new season of Rick & Morty, but then go back to talking about videogames. After dropping the spoiler curtain, Andy talks about the ending of the videogame, Stray.

Episode 322: Dinosaur, Insect, Superhero, Animal, Princess

Dinosaur, Insect, Superhero, Animal, Princess

The word is favorite and the nerds give their own answers to five “What’s your favorite…?” questions which it’s essential for every pediatrician to have ready answers for: Dinosaur, Insect, Superhero, Animal, and Princess. (Unsurprisingly, they spend quite a bit of time on a couple of those.) Moving on to other topics, they discuss Keith’s next video appearances as well as scrambled eggs. Media topics include Fargo, The Peripheral, Scott Pilgrim, For All Mankind, and Silo. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they discuss a couple of videogames, namely Wayfinder (which Keith worked on) and Stray (in which you are a cat).

Episode 321: They’re All Just Birds

They’re All Just Birds

The word is character so the nerds talk about their favorite characters, what makes for a fun character to role-play, who’s really the main character, and what’s important in being a person with good character. Keith talks about appearing on the next season of Legacy of Worlds. Andy talks about being Frank, the person everyone knows (and his friend, Anthony’s sister) in a game of Over The Edge. They also talk about the importance of good sportsmanship in leadership. They talk about the holidays and gifts they each got, and Andy talks about how the biggest Christmas stories are actually time travel stories. They discuss their favorite versions of a Christmas Carol. After the spoiler curtain, they discuss the Peripheral a little and season 2 of Loki at great length.

Episode 320: The Chocolate Knife

The Chocolate Knife

The word is calendar and the nerds talk about calendars, in particular Advent Calendars and Andy’s Y2K Calendar T-shirt. Other holiday related topics include Keith’s lil RPG, Snow Globe, his favorite Christmas tree ornament, and a disappointing pop-up Santa bar in Portland. Keith talks about the next D&D game he’ll be running and gets a couple of suggestions about it from Andy. He also talks about playing Wayfinder on his new PS5. Andy talks about his awesome shoulder-riding cat and updating the rules to old pyramid games. Media topics include Bodies, Loki, The Flash, and Fargo.

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Episode 319: Zeno’s Pair of Socks

The word is paradox and the nerds have many thoughts about paradoxes and time travel and alternate realities. Topics include Zeno’s paradox, the grandfather loop, and of course, Andy’s game Chrononauts. Media they discuss includes Bodies, Loki, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Terminator 1 & 2, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Marvels, and Alien 1 & 2. Andy has a lot to say about the JFK assassination, and Keith has some opinions to share about the new Scott Pilgrim series.

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