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Episode 218: Is Tasha Yar in the Tal Shiar?

This week the word is holodeck. The nerds discuss various implications of holodeck technology, as well as replicators and universal translators. Andy reports on Toy Fair, and Keith talks about playing Villainous for the first time. He also talks about playing Magic for the first time in a while. After the spoiler warning, they discuss episode 5 of Star Trek: Picard, and how modern Trek differs from vintage versions. Andy wonders why you always see the same random episode of a show you don’t really watch.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 217: The Sneaky Spud Exception

This week the word is potato. The nerds spend a lot of time debating various forms of potatoes, mostly french fries, regarding which Keith has an interesting policy of limitation. They talk about Andy’s new Kickstarter, for Pyramid Quartet. Andy talks about a trip he took to Colorado and describes playing Captain Sonar. After the spoiler warning, they discuss Locke & Key, The Goldbergs, and episode 4 of Star Trek: Picard.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 216: 100 Years of Ice Cream

Blurb: This week the word is immortality. The nerds talk about various immortal and very long-lived beings in literature, including Tolkien’s elves, vampires, mummies, Star Trek’s Q, and others. Then they check in with what they’re each working on. After the spoiler warning they discuss the final episode of The Good Place, the implications of teleportation, Dark Matter, and episode 3 of Picard.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 215: Where are the Gangs of Elvises?

This week the word is utopia. The nerds talk at length about the utopian ideals of Star Trek, and how replicators, transporters, and holodecks really would change everything. Other topics include MUDs, gender-swapping technology, and the value of real estate in a cashless society. They talk about work stuff for a bit, then they lower the spoiler curtain to talk about the second episode of Star Trek: Picard.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 214: Jack’s a Doughnut

This week the word is Alaska, since Keith just returned from Juneau. They each talk about trips they’ve taken there, then somehow this leads to a long discussion of vampires and werewolves. Keith talks about the mark Gandalf leaves on Bilbo’s door, and shares a few thoughts about Crisis on Infinite Earths. After the spoiler warning, the discuss the first episode of Star Trek Picard at length.

Episode 213: The Tiger in the Room

This week the word is cats. The nerds talk about their current cats and reminisce about beloved cats that have passed on. They also discuss differences between cats and dogs, how cats like to push objects onto the floor, the musical, and other cat-related topics. Next they discuss vintage adaptations of Tolkien’s books, during which Keith’s audio dropped out for a few minutes. Andy has some follow-up thoughts about last week’s discussion of The Pool of Fire his ideas for a sequel to it. This leads to a rant about bad adaptations of several of Andy’s favorite books. Lastly, they discuss a couple of episodes of the 80s time travel show, Voyagers.

Episode 212: The Maclunky Chronicles

This week the word is Maclunky. The nerds start out by discussing the latest version of the Han Shot First scene. Other topics include funny DVD commentary tracks, Jonathan Baker’s Download Bingo Card, the projects they are each currently working on, SpongeBob SquarePants, How I Met Your Mother, and Bumblebee. After the spoiler warning they discuss The Pool of Fire, Star Trek Short Treks, and Knives Out.

Spoiler warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 210: Shut Up, Nerd!

This week the word is Mystery. The guys discuss the “Mystery Box” approach to story-telling, mysteries in general, and mystery stories with solvable endings vs. those that can never really be resolved. Keith talks about deliberately unanswered questions in the backstory of Eberron, and Andy talks about being on jury duty. They also discuss mystery as a theme in games. After the spoiler warning they discuss Star Wars 9 at length.

Spoiler warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 208: Second Multiverse, Same As The First

This week the word is Multiverse. The guys discuss their favorite multiverse stories, starting with the mirror universe from Star Trek, and including Sliders, Fringe, Counterpart, Replay, Alternities, What if?, Into the Spiderverse, D&D, Muppets Tonight, Rick & Morty, and Watchmen. Andy again urges Keith to attend Burning Man, which will have the theme of The Multiverse next year. Other topics include the Richat Structure in the Sahara desert, a nerdy connection between Star Wars and Dune, National Lampoon’s Doon, and Keith’s fake Russian accent story. Behind the Spoiler Curtain they discuss Watchmen episode 6.