Monthly archives of “January 2022

Episode 282: Andy and the Mids

This week the word is Pyramids. Andy yammers about his life-long obsession with pyramids and talks about a new theory for how they were built. Then the nerds talk about unusual names, artificial candles & fireplaces, seeing a movie (Spiderman) in a movie theater again, Root and other asymmetrical powers games, and Taskmaster. Lastly, after dropping the spoiler curtain, Keith has many thoughts about the Star Trek Disovery episode called The Examples.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 281: For Only Moonkind

This week the word is conventions. The nerds start by talking about PAX Unplugged, the first big convention they’ve been to since the pandemic began. Then they talk about a fan-edit of the series For All Mankind that focuses only on the space mission plotlines, called For Only Moonkind. Andy tells the origin story of the obscure usage of “Robocop” as a verb, and then they talk about Star Trek Discovery. Other topics include stuff they’re currently working on, new flavors from Tony Chocolonely, Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser, Keith’s current RPGs, and House of Leaves.