Monthly archives of “February 2022

Episode 284: The Ultimate Nullifier

Blurb: This week the word is Galactus. The nerds start by discussing the giant Marvel character at great length. Next, after checking in with work stuff, they discuss recently rewatching the original Matrix movie. Then they really get into the spoilers, first talking about the book they’re both reading, House of Leaves, then a movie, Marvel’s Eternals, and a series, the Book of Boba Fett.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 283: The Power of the Dog vs. The Nine Kittens of Christmas

This week the word is gimmick. The nerds discuss gimmicks seen in games and 3-D movies and various nuances of the term. Next Keith talks about watching movies with a home projector. He gives his non-spoilery thoughts about several films including The Matrix 4, and Andy talks similarly about Don’t Look Up and Get Back. Then Andy yammers about the ending of an obscure time travel movie from 1964, and Keith talks about recent legal proceedings within his current RPG game. Discussions include teenage protagonists from the 80s who are good with computers and are popular. Near the end they discuss House of Leaves and recent Star Treks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains vintage spoilers.