Monthly archives of “October 2020

Episode 244: Who Likes Opera?

This week the word is SpaceOpera. First the nerds discuss various types of operas before focusing in on the various types of Space Operas. They also talk about Rock Operas, Horse Operas, Klingon Operas and Planetary Romances. Turning to work, they talk about ideas they’ve been having for running games for people using Zoom and such. Keith talks about the start of season 4 of Fargo, and shares his excitement about the new Right Stuff series that’s about to launch, plus Archer and Bob’s Burgers. Then they drop the spoiler curtain to talk about Star Trek: Lower Decks, before circling back to space operas again. Lastly, Keith complains about Animal Babies.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 243: Fantasizing Favorite Fantastical Fantasies

This week the word is fantasy. First the nerds discuss the basic definition of fantasy, then Andy teases a few details about Fantasy Fluxx, which is coming out early next year. Then they discuss their favorite fantasy classics and obscure favorites. On media, Andy mentions watching Onward, then they talk about all the new Star Trek shows on now or coming soon, and a few other shows at a non-spoilery level.

Episode 242: Twenty Different Kinds of Doppelgängers

This week the word is doppelgänger. The nerds discuss their favorite evil duplicate shapeshifter tropes at length. How would you prove you are really you and not just a copy? Then they check in on each other’s work progress before moving on to media. After the spoiler curtain drops they spend a lot of time talking about Star Trek Lower Decks.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 241: I’m Just Here for the Weird Stuff

This week the word is travel. Keith talks about his recent trip to back to NY to visit his aging mother, and what airports and flights are like in the post-covid world. Then he reports on things back home in Portland, where the wildfires have filled the air with toxic smoke. Going back to travel, they take about how lack of travel has affected the these past six months. Turning to media, Andy talks about trying to get into Dark, then goes on quite a tangent about Dobie Gillis and Scooby Doo. He also mentions how a song from The Last Airbender has gotten stuck in his head. Lastly, Keith shares a few thoughts about The Boys.