Monthly archives of “June 2016

Episode 62: Product 20


Keith has pneumonia! So that’s a topic. It’s affecting his sense of taste, which leads to a discussion of super-tasters and weak-smellers, and then to strange super-powers such as super-sneezing. They also discuss some “super” heroes with questionable powers, such as Potato Chip Dude. Other food products are discussed at length, including Pop-Tarts, Product 19 cereal, and Mars Planets. The RPG system Over The Edge and a time travel t-shirt are other interesting topics of discussion. Lastly, there was a correction regarding the attribution of a quote given in last week’s episode.

Episode 61: That Ship Has Sailed


First the guys yammer about coughing vs. sneezing and the manners surrounding unpleasant things. Then they each talk for awhile about secret work stuff. Keith uses the phrase “That Ship Has Sailed,” which sets Andy off on a rant about the movie Saving Mr. Banks. Then Keith talks about a new film called The Lobster, which triggers a discussion about zany characters they played at a Live Action Role Playing game long ago, in particular, a space-faring race of belligerent giant blue lobsters. Lastly, they discuss the binary language of load-lifters and the question of why many Star Wars robots only make annoying beeping noises instead of being programmed to speak English.

Episode 60: The Running Hungry Gamer Man


This week’s show covers a wide range of topics, including secret candy stashes, the Golden Can and other odd-object giveaways, popular Christmas stories viewed as time travel literature, the holographic projection concept of time travel, faulty submarine propellers, and the people who design the challenges which contestants must go through on reality shows like Survivor. Then they wonder why no one has created a reality show styled after the The Running Man or Hunger Games, but with paintball guns etc instead of permanent elimination. Get on that, Hollywood!