Monthly archives of “December 2015

Episode 38: Always Be Shootin’


This week Andy tells Keith about his adventures at Geekonomicon, including creating a design for Convention Fluxx at a panel called Improv Fluxx Design. Keith talks about his new card game-in-progress, which he’s calling Project B, and Andy describes a new 3-player variation of Hearts he recently played. They talk about shooting the moon, which Andy relentlessly tries to do when playing Hearts. They also continue their pre-Episode 7 geeking out, with discussions about droid deities and the “Anti-Cheese” re-edits of the prequels. Somewhere in there they also have a spoiler-y discussion about the final episode of Minority Report.

Episode 37: Elder Sign vs. the Mi-Go



This week Andy defers to Keith for the answer to a question about how several Cthulhu Fluxx cards interact. Andy also talks about his breakdown of the Three Phases of a project’s lifecycle, Keith talks about a completely new card game he’s come up with, and media topics include Minority Report, Fringe, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Ex Machina. They even discuss the avoidance of Star Wars spoilers and the realities of having super powers such as flight, lifting heavy objects, and laser eyes.

Episode 36: Nerd Rant


This week Keith goes on a Nerd Rant about a book he didn’t like but didn’t want to call out by name and therefore codenamed Harry Potter and the Atomic Bomb. The nerds also talk about the physics of the Flash’s superpower, commercially available resurrections, and the Walking Pneumonia. They also actually talk about game design stuff towards the end, with Andy discussing the need to incentivize brutality in end-game rules, and Keith talking about an early effort of his called Power Brokers. #NerdRant