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Episode 222: The Chocolate Miracle

This week the word is chocolate. The nerds have a lot to say on this subject. They each inventory all of the chocolate they currently have in the house, they debate issues like milk vs. dark, brand preferences, combining chocolate with peanut butter, the recent surge in salted chocolate, and otherwise carry on about chocolate for more than half of the show. Then they lower the spoiler curtain to discuss the episode 4 of season 3 of Westworld, about which they also have much to say.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 205: The Story of Cathawk Johnson

This week the word is Birthday, since they recorded it Andy’s. They talk about various birthday traditions and memories, including stories of birthday stunts by friends. Andy carries on for awhile about chocolate angel food cake. Keith passes on some stories from this year’s Essen Spiele courtesy of Jenn, and they talk a little more about Halloween. Keith talks about games he played at AmberCon. Then Keith gives Andy a spoiler-free overview of a couple of series he’s just gotten into, Castle Rock and Watchmen.

Episode 154: Colonel Custard


The show begins with a lengthy discussion of custard and other desserts. Keith talks about The Story George Told Me and How I Met Your Mother, which leads to another discussion about TV series finales. Andy steps away briefly to take some custards out of the oven, leaving Keith to talk about ice cream cake, and then they get into a big discussion about villains in the MCU. This leads to a discussion about long-term continuity in writing about famous characters, in particular the changes in direction in the recent Star Wars movies. (Beware of some slight Solo and Last Jedi spoilers towards the end.)