Keith Baker and Andrew Looney have been friends for 30 years.  About 18 years ago, when Keith moved to a distant city, Andy and Keith began a tradition they call The Download: each week they call each other up to talk about what they are each working on and what they think about the TV shows they are watching, the games they are playing, etc.  They decided to start recording their calls and make a podcast out of them.

Keith Baker is best known for creating the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the storytelling card game Gloom. He’s produced a host of games, novels, and RPG supplements, including the novel The Queen of Stone and the card game Cthulhu Fluxx. Currently, he’s hard at work on a brand new fantasy RPG, Phoenix: Dawn Command. Keith can be found online at or on Twitter as @HellcowKeith.

Andy is the Creative Director, CCO, and co-founder of Looney Labs. He’s the game designer who invented Fluxx (and most versions thereof), the Looney Pyramids game system (and more than 25 games for the pyramids), Chrononauts, Loonacy, Aquarius, and others. In the ‘90s, Andy programmed computers for NASA and wrote code that flew on the Hubble Space Telescope. Andy is a Hippie, a Trekkie, a Burner, and an Eagle Scout. He is both an introvert and an extrovert. Some call him the Emperor. Andy loves cake.  Andy can be found online at his blog, Wunderland, or on Twitter as @AndrewLooney.

Goodloe Byron creates the illustrations for The Download Podcast.  Goodloe is a bookist, songist, drawist and paintist.  He learned how to draw by making book covers for such luminaries as Soft Skull Press, NYU Press, Black Mask and Random House. Much of his youthful energy was lost in a drawn out book adventure in which he left thousands of novels across the world. Since then he has made his home over top of a guitar shop in Frederick, Maryland.  Having illustrated for many years, he took up proper painting after a freak mural incident in 2011.  You can find Goodloe on Tumblr or Facebook.