Monthly archives of “February 2016

Episode 45: We Shoulda Been Doing the Contest THIS Week!


Andy & Keith talk about the titular “Fair Enough” contest, the upcoming JoCo cruise, and plans for the first ever Looney Labs fan convention, in July. But mostly they talk about TV shows, including Jessica Jones, the new X Files, and Legends of Tomorrow. They also discuss the X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, and how the ability to create impossible technology is basically just another super-power.

Episode 44: Don’t Get Bogged Down on the Why


Andy & Keith get into some really interesting game design conversations this week, discussing possibilities for Time Travel Gloom and Science Fiction Gloom, and talking about the classic RPG module, The Tomb of Horrors, recently called the Worst Adventure of All Time by John Wick. Media topics include the return of the X-Files, the appearance of the Turtle on the Flash, the Booth at the End, and Death Note. The guys lament how story-tellers can undo the magic they’ve created when they try too hard to provide explanations for matters that are best left mysterious.

Episode 43: Beyond the Proof Point


Andy & Keith talk about production milestones, specifically the point at which you receive proofs from the printer and [hopefully don’t] find problems that need to be fixed before printing. Keith talks about ideas for new Glooms he’s been pondering, including Time Travel Gloom. Andy talks about the newest employee at Looney Labs, his nephew Eric, who’s been hired to make videos. They also discusses the Looney Labs interview process, and the expression “No Whammies.” Media topics include the movie Primer, the show Sherlock, and of course, Star Trek and Star Wars.