Monthly archives of “August 2016

Episode 71: Keith Baker, Superstar


First Andy & Keith talk about their current work projects. Then Keith talks about his appearance as a background character in the just-released 6th issue of Marvel’s Mockingbird comic book. The guys talk about pets and the immortal’s problem they make us face, then they lower the spoiler curtain for media discussions that include Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Fight Club, and Gravity Falls.

SPOILER ALERT: Contains spoilers.

Episode 70: Phoenix: A Very Special Episode


It’s a very special episode of the Download, recorded at GenCon, featuring special guests Kristin Looney, Leila Zucker, and Laurie Menke, who join Andy in a demo session of Keith’s just-released RPG, called Phoenix: Dawn Command. Can this new team of Phoenixes save the Flame-Keeper from The Chant?

Episode 69: The Stakes Have Never Been Higher!


Keith & Andy have just returned from GenCon and they have many stories about the convention to share. Topics include the games they played, the events they ran, and the local food they most enjoyed: Giordano’s pizza. They also discuss some useful all-purpose phrases, including “that explains a lot!” and “but at what cost?”

Episode 68: Shopping with Antman


First Andy & Keith discuss their plans for GenCon, and memories of GenCons past. Then Keith talks about an MMORPG he put a lot of work into back in the nineties but which was never released, called Lost Continents. But most of the episode is a spoiler-laden discussion of the new Star Trek and Ghostbusters movies, with a side discussion of Antman’s super-powers.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.

Episode 67: Return from LooneyCon


Keith & Andy start by talking about their plans for GenCon, then Andy tells a lot of stories from last weekend’s first-ever LooneyCon. Such topics include Fluxx Buxx and the Rare Items Auction, the Fluxx World Championship, the Just Desserts Cosplay Contest, the Homeworlds Exhibition Game, playtesting of Zendo 2.0, and the question of whether or not we will do it again next year. Lastly, Keith provides a few thoughts about the new Star Trek and Ghostbusters movies.