Monthly archives of “April 2021

Episode 260: All the Liquid Nitrogen in the Soviet Union

This week the word is Chernobyl, and the nerds start by discussing various aspects of that and other big disasters. Andy talks about getting his first shot, and the nerds speculate about life after vaccination. Keith talks about Harley Quinn, and Andy talks about Infinity Train. Keith reports on the D&D campaign he’s doing on Patreon, and on the progress of the Kickstarter for Gloomier. He also talks about eating cookies on TikTok. Then Andy discusses the just-announced Wonderland Fluxx. Next come the spoilers, as they discuss Chapter 8 of S., episode 2 of Raised By Wolves, I Am Mother, episodes 2 & 3 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and lastly, the HBO mini-series, Chernobyl.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 259: Even Robots Can Cry

This week the word is Android. The nerds discuss their favorite androids, the differences between an android and a cyborg, what it means to be an human, etc. Next they discuss Justice League and Doom Patrol. After the spoiler warning, they discuss chapter 7.5 of S., and the first episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Raised by Wolves.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.