Monthly archives of “November 2021

Episode 279: Vampires vs Zombies

This week the word is Exposition. First, Keith has things to say about Dune. Then the nerds discuss a bunch of their favorite (and least favorite) examples of well-done exposition scenes. Next Keith raises the important question of how vampires would deal with a zombie apocalypse. Speaking of the undead also brings up the subject of Ghosts. Andy also mentions enjoying a film called The History of Time Travel. Next they finally make a decision about what book to read next. They discuss Taskmaster for a bit, then finally, after dropping the Spoiler Curtain, they discuss the ending of Only Murders In The Building.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 278: Cetaceans in Spaaaaace!

This week the word is Dolphins. The nerds reminisce about Bluestar, the almost-a-videogame about dolphins in space they worked on back in the nineties. They also discuss cetacean ops on the starship Enterprise. Andy talks about the most recent episode of Survivor and how much the game has changed since it started. Keith reports in vague terms on work stuff he’s been working on, and talks about his recent discovery of the Silent Disco. Next they continue their discussions about what book to read next, and Keith reports on his D&D campaign. After lowering the spoiler curtain they discuss the last few episodes of season 2 of Lower Decks, and the near-final few episodes of season one of Only Murders in the Building. Lastly, Andy shares a few reactions to the first episode of Ordinary Joe.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 277: The Ultimate Good Stuff

This week the word is Cookies. Topics include the crime of replacing chocolate chips with raisins, the recipe for Sweet Dream cookies, the best gluten-free flour substitute, rigging a baking contest during a D&D game, and biscuits vs scones. Then they get into a long discussion about discontinued candy and other lost foods. Moving on to media, they talk about Foundation and Dune and the importance of wacky side characters in huge epic dramas. They discuss a few other shows they’ve been watching, including, of course, Taskmaster. Lastly they briefly discuss Lower Decks and What If?

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.