Monthly archives of “September 2016

Episode 75: Back When the Grifting Was Good


The show begins with some yammering about naps, the difficulty of falling asleep, and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy original radio series. Then Keith talks more about Illimat, what it’s like to work with the Decemberists, the XOXO festival, and the coins from Fall of Magic. Andy mentions his worries about how the Haijin shipping crisis might impact the arrival date of Pyramid Arcade. Keith mentions a book he’s reading about Yellow Kid Weil, which leads to a discussion the word outlaw and of con man films including The Sting and The Flim-Flam Man. Andy talks about lots of media he’s seen recently, including Steven Universe, the new Spockumentary, and four different time travel movies. Lastly as usual, they bring down the spoiler curtain to discuss the most recent episode of Mr. Robot.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers Inside

Episode 74: Project 12 Unveiled!


Keith just got back from PAX where he finally revealed the details of Project 12! It’s a game called Illimat which he’s been developing in partnership with the folk rock band the Decemberists! Now that he can finally talk about it, he has a lot to say. Other topics include games about pancakes, oversized pyramids, reading without reading a book, and the Twilight Zone pinball machine. Lastly they bring down the spoiler curtain to discuss at length the most recent episode of Mr. Robot.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.

Episode 73: The Andy Of The Past Would Be Aghast


First the guys talk shop, tooting their own horns about their new game releases. Then Andy talks about Molly, the sweetest doggie ever, who passed away this week, and he talks about how much he has changed from the cats-only guy he used to be. Andy also reads a quote about dogs from the author Stephen W. Meader. Andy talks about the video reviews posted at Red Letter Media, and Keith talks about a book he’s reading called Ancillary Justice. Lastly they talk about the most recent episode of Mr. Robot.

Episode 72: You Have to Question Everything Now


Andy & Keith talk travel & conventions, and how different it is to be working at such events instead of just attending them. Then they talk about stuff they are each working, including a lot of hinting about licensed works they can’t name yet. Keith talks about the most recent version of Gloom, and Andy’s big pile of unpublished Fluxx decks, including Math Fluxx. Then they discuss the challenge of making a game design as simple as possible versus the gameplay strengths that can be gained by a higher level of complexity. Andy talks about Cosmic Coasters, 4X games, and advice from James Ernest. Then they discuss the exciting new world of print-on-demand books, and soon, tarot-sized cards. Lastly, they talk a lot about spoilers in a spoiler-heavy discussion of Mr. Robot.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.