Episode 72: You Have to Question Everything Now


Andy & Keith talk travel & conventions, and how different it is to be working at such events instead of just attending them. Then they talk about stuff they are each working, including a lot of hinting about licensed works they can’t name yet. Keith talks about the most recent version of Gloom, and Andy’s big pile of unpublished Fluxx decks, including Math Fluxx. Then they discuss the challenge of making a game design as simple as possible versus the gameplay strengths that can be gained by a higher level of complexity. Andy talks about Cosmic Coasters, 4X games, and advice from James Ernest. Then they discuss the exciting new world of print-on-demand books, and soon, tarot-sized cards. Lastly, they talk a lot about spoilers in a spoiler-heavy discussion of Mr. Robot.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.