Monthly archives of “May 2016

Episode 57: Late To The Party Guy


Andy & Keith don’t have much work to talk about this time so it’s mostly a big media discussion, with particular emphasis on the Captain America movie from two years ago, The Winter Soldier. Spoilers aplenty! They also discuss the Americans, Unreal, and other stuff.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside!

Episode 56: Minutes of the Mutual Admiration Society


Andy & Keith compliment each other on the progress of their projects, and then they yammer about media for a long time. First they talk about the Marvel Civil War movie (even though Andy hasn’t seen it yet), then they discuss TV shows including Last Man on Earth, Parks & Rec, Legends of Tomorrow, Extras, and Unreal. Then they get into a deep conversation about live role-playing experiences they had long ago, when they portrayed the castaways from Gilligan’s Island. Other subjects they discuss include Screaming Yellow Zonkers, the struggles of watching TV before in the olde days before we had VCRs, and all the usual coconut powers.

Episode 55: Midnight at Denny’s


Andy reports on his recently-ended Kickstarter campaign, and Keith drops hints about his secret game-in-progress, Project Ex. They also discuss travel plans, then they yammer about media. Topics include a spoiler-heavy discussion of the first season of Fargo, and Rod Serling’s not-very-good followup to the Twilight Zone, called Night Gallery. Lastly, Keith talks about a light-hearted LARP game he once ran, set in a Denny’s in the middle of the night.

SPOILER WARNING: This episode has spoilers.

Episode 54: The Super Lobster Stage


Andy talks about the final days of the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter, and Keith talks about his progress on Project X. Then Keith talks about his recent trip to Maine, where his visited the current members of a college group he founded 20 years ago, called the Bates Discordians. Keith mentions his “interesting thing” trick for remembering someone’s name, and also talks about the growth stages of lobsters. Then Andy talks about his trip to PAX East, where he did his Improv Fluxx Design panel, in which he created a design for Muppet Fluxx live before a large audience, complete with on-the-spot illustrations drawn by noted Fluxx illustrator, Derek Ring. Then Keith tells Andy a few things about Game of Thrones and Dexter, neither of which Andy has seen or read.