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Episode 329: The Troll Abides

The Troll Abides

The word is Eleven and the nerds start by discussing things they like about the number 11. Andy also mentions 11 Fluxx ideas he’s been working on. Then they get into a discussion of their favorite time travel shows which takes up most of the show. After that, Keith talks about his new campaign on Patreon and gives an update on Wayfinder. Lastly, they talk slightly about recent media include Star Trek: Discovery, Star Wars: Acolyte, and Dark Matter.

Episode 328: The Gilligan Factor

The Gilligan Factor

The word is Chrononaut and the nerds are here to discuss their favorite time travel movies. But first, they have to discuss terms and edge cases like time loop tales and alternate reality stories. Then they discuss a long list of time travel movies as they each struggle to decide which to call their favorites. Next Keith talks about being a Guest of Honor at BatesCon #1 and other work stuff, then Andy talks about the new Chrononauts expansion, changing the name of the Winnie the Pooh version of Fluxx, and playtest #7 of Starbase Armstrong. Lastly they discuss media including the new Doctor Who, a couple of time travel books, and after the Spoiler Curtain, the Whistespeak episode of Star Trek Discovery.