Monthly archives of “August 2021

Episode 271: Are These Porcupines Wonderful?

This week the word is speculation. The nerds talk about various What Ifs and alternate reality stories, culminating (at the end of the show) in their discussion of the first episode of the “What If?” series. Next they discuss Taskmaster again, which Keith told Andy about last week; now that Andy’s gotten hooked on it as well, he had a lot to say about it. Next they discuss a few more of Donald Barthelme’s Forty Stories, focusing mostly on “Porcupines at the University.” Lastly, Keith shares his thoughts about Suicide Squad.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 270: Destroy This Cake — Beautifully

This week the word is Taskmaster, and begins with the nerds talking about what it’s like to be their own taskmasters. Then Keith tells Andy about the British telly program called Taskmaster, and Andy tells Keith about A Very Brady Renovation. Andy shares a few recent findings, and talks about the word findings. Specifically, Andy talks about finally starting to watch The Wire, and Keith shares some thoughts about the Olympics and Mythic Quest. Lastly they discuss another batch of Donald Barthelme stories.

Episode 268: Yoo-Hoo, Andy Looney!

This week the word is epistolary. First, the nerds discuss their favorite letter-related works of literature, then they talk about the fine art of including inexplicable “enclosures” when mailing a letter. Next, Andy talks about traveling again for the first time since the pandemic started, and describes his family’s recent trip to The House on the Rock. Keith talks about recent plumbing woes, and Andy talks about getting a new kitchen floor. Moving on to media, Keith talks about the first half of The Tomorrow War and Andy mentions an old movie called Idaho Transfer. They discuss 7 more Donald Barthelme short stories, including one they both really like called The Palace at 4 AM. After the spoiler curtain, they discuss the next-to-last episode of Loki.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.