Monthly archives of “April 2016

Episode 53: Based on a True Story


Andy talks about the status of the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter, and Keith talks about a complex new card game he’s developing (on still-secret subject matter). Then Keith describes his process for prototyping Gloom cards, and they speculate on why so few other designers have created games with clear plastic cards. Then they discuss the double standards of pricing, i.e. how people have different attitudes about the same amount of money being spent on different things (food vs games, for example). Then they discuss the TV series Fargo, several random video games, the ambient noise generator called MyNoise, and the comic series The Wicked and the Divine.

Episode 52: Again With The Time Travel


Andy & Keith check in with each other on work stuff, but then spend most of the time talking about media, in particular a long, spoiler-heavy discussion of 11.22.63, plus other time travel shows including Legends of Tomorrow and the last episode of the first season of Man Seeking Woman. Also, since the trailer for the next Star Wars movie just hit the net, they end up yammering about that for quite awhile. Lastly, Keith talks about his recent appearance on the Gosh Darn Fiasco podcast.

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains spoilers!

Episode 51: Time Travelers are Never Late


Andy & Keith start by discussing the status of their Kickstarter projects: Pyramid Arcade by Andy and Phoenix by Keith. But mostly they discuss media, in particular time travel shows and superhero shows. But they don’t discuss 11.22.63 much because Andy is lame and hasn’t seen the ending yet. And neither of them have seen new Batman/Superman movie, but that doesn’t stop them from discussing it. Andy mentions his all-time favorite books, the Tripod series by John Christopher, and his recommended reading order. Keith talks about being mistaken for fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. Andy discusses the pyramid videos being uploaded daily in support of the Kickstarter.

Episode 50: They Do Not Have a Plan


This week, Andy & Keith celebrate their 50th show by sharing the microphone with Goodloe Byron, the cartoonist who doodles up those charming and hilarious illustrations that are posted with each week’s new episode. They talk about how the cartoons happen every week, then they geek out on a huge range of subjects, including the Prisoner, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, the Sarah Connor Chronicles, American Horror Story, Last Resort, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and of course, Star Wars.