Monthly archives of “August 2017

Episode 117: You Really Don’t Need ‘em When You Don’t Need ‘em, But When you Need ‘em, You Really Need ‘em!


Andy & Keith are back from GenCon and begin by telling GenCon stories, with Keith’s including Traveler’s Rest beforehand plus general life-in-a-van-with-a-pug stories, and Andy describing the total eclipse of the sun he got to see on the way home. In between they discuss they ups and downs and reading reviews of their games, and Andy talks about a small gameplay issue he’d like to make to the Creepers in Firefly Fluxx. They also talk about the samples of fantasy money they picked up at GenCon from a game called Shadows of Esteren, which leads to a discussion of currency design, and of course, game design. Later topics include Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, the newer works of They Might Be Giants, and the differences between dogs and cats. Then they brainstorm ideas for a game about cryonically frozen heads hoping their investments allow them to buy good replacement bodies upon resuscitation, and an idea for a Star Trek sitcom starring the cryonically-revived trio of characters from 20th century who appeared in TNG Season 1, Episode 26. Lastly, the guys give non-spoilery reactions to the newest episodes of Rick & Morty and Game of Thrones.

Episode 116: Sorry Bob, You’re the Cleric


Keith talks about his Vanagon and the summer tour he and Jenn are about to embark upon, and Andy talks about his upcoming travel plans, including GenCon, the eclipse, and Burning Man. Keith talks about getting his hands on his first real copy of his Scott Pilgrim game, and about the status of Action Cats! Andy talks about a totally new card game he just invented, which uses just 23 cards and which he’s really excited about. They drop some Rick & Morty references, including the meaning of Getting Schwifty, and Keith mentions the most recent Game of Thrones. Andy talks about his aversion to depicts of violence, and how animation somehow makes it more tolerable. Keith goes off on a bit of a rant about Clerics, which includes stories from an Over the Edge campaign in which Kristin played a particularly fascinating character. This leads to a discussion about how to deal with “Alpha gamers,” in RPGs as well as regular tabletop games. Lastly, they discuss the most recent episode of Rick & Morty at length.

Episode 115: The Kramden/Kramer Theory


The conversation begins with the word Fiddlesticks, which leads to the discovery of the Kramden/Kramer theory as well as a discussion of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. Their meandering discussions include villains who control the weather, and the tick bite that causes meat allergies. Lastly, they discuss Rick and Morty, the Santa Clarita Diet, and the differences between zombies and vampires.

Episode 114: A Bear and a Spare


First Keith talks about seeing a bear during a hike while on a family reunion trip to Jackson, Wyoming. He also talks about his upcoming travel plans, Action Cats!, and Scott Pilgrim. Andy talks about receiving the first samples of the new Zendo pieces, and Keith talks about receiving the first samples of the Okus tokens for Illimat. Keith talks about wolverines. Andy talks about filming flashback scenes for the Drinking Fluxx History video. Keith talks about GOT Bingo. Andy talks about the camp he’s found for Burning Man, and his plans to run games at RaiderCon, the playa’s only role-playing game convention. Moving on to media, the guys discuss the Ready Player One preview, and about misleading advertisements with out-of-context quotes. Media topics include Rick & Morty and Glow, plus Keith talks about a podcast called Presidential.

Episode 113: Apoplectic Giraffe


First Keith reports on the status of the Action Cats! Kickstarter, and describes his 9 step process for evaluating photos of cats. Keith also talks about an amazing birthday party he just attended, the theme of which leads them into a discussion of Game of Thrones. Other topics include cosplayers, fashion police, and sword-fighting lessons. Andy talks about what’s new and different in the new edition of Nanofictionary, which launches on August 17th. He also reports on the status of Zendo. Media topics include Better Call Saul, The Leftovers, Rick & Morty, and a movie called Her.