Monthly archives of “January 2016

Episode 42: The Unpleasantness on the Train


Keith talks briefly about games he’s currently working on, including a D&D adventure called Penance, then Andy talks at length about his recent trip to Europe. Specific topics include Andy’s new travel companion (Mars One candidate Dr. Leila Zucker), the coffeeshops of Amsterdam (and the coffee-table book about the coffeeshops that Andy’s been working on for over a decade), Disneyland Paris, Andy’s Homeworlds medal, a stylish new coat he bought, and the terrible thing that happened on the train.

Episode 41: Stealing Gifts From Kids


This week, Andy & Keith’s topics include their favorite JoCo songs, learning to play Cribbage, why so many $2 bills are in circulation in the Portland area, the joys of needing to watch cartoons & sci-fi shows as part of their jobs, and the appearance of an actual white elephant at a Yankee Swap gift exchange. Of course they also talk about Star Wars some more, so if you’re still avoiding spoilers, you’ll want to skip to 14:20 when they lower the “spoiler curtain,” about four minutes into the show.