Monthly archives of “January 2021

Episode 252: Don’t Use the Dream Toilet

This week the word is Unknown. The nerds talk about various unknowns, like hidden information in game design, stories in which characters are thrust into unknown settings, situations in which you don’t know who you are, things that are unknowable, and questions that meant to never be answered. Keith talks about unknowns in Eberron, and also mentions Bridgerton, Dexter, and the D&D campaign he’s run 60 times. This leads to a discussion of unusual adaptations of Shakespeare. Keith reports on finding the answer the “Blah Rhubarb Blah” question he asked last week, and the each talk about issues they’ve been having with mice. Next, Andy gives his final report on The Last Airbender, and Keith talks about obscure candy bars. Moving on to media, they discuss Chapter 2 of S. They also talk about Tolkien stories from the point of view of the eagles. Lastly, they drop the spoiler curtain to discuss the season 3 finale of Star Trek: Discovery.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 251: Protection From The Yule Cat

This week the word is Christmas. The nerds talk at length about various holiday memories, favorite Xmas movies, new traditions, etc. Then they discuss chapter one of S, having talked about future candidates for their new book club segment earlier in the show. Keith mentions a radio bit he remembers that went “Blah Rhubarb Blah” which Andy replies to with Arrested Development references. Keith talks about Ted Lasso, then Andy shares a few thoughts about Fargo season 4. Lastly, they drop the spoiler curtain to discuss the newest episodes of Star Trek and Star Wars.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.

Episode 250: The St. Gerbil’s Day Massacre

This week the word is spin-off. The nerds start by discussing the many new Star Wars spin-offs that have been announced, then they discuss other spin-offs through TV history. Next they share some big-picture, non-spoilery thoughts about Star Trek Discovery Season 3, and what they would do to create a truly different distant future if it were up to them. Andy reports on his mouse problem, and Keith tells a story from his youth about a bad day for his gerbils. Next they begin their next “book club” segment, discussing the Introduction of S. Lastly, then drop the spoiler curtain to discuss the Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Terra Firma, part 1.”

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.