Monthly archives of “November 2016

Episode 83: Big Chubble in College Park


This week Keith’s in town, so they guys record the episode in Andy’s Game Room, where they spend some time discussing random vintage games in Andy’s collection. Andy gives Keith a box of cold-fusion Chubble which leads to yet another discussion about time travel. Keith talks about The Magicians and notes some of the differences between the book and the series. Keith talks about watching the series Space Race, causing Andy to talk about spaceflight history, in particular project Vanguard and race to launch the first satellite. Moving on to movies, they talk a little about Fantastic Beasts, Zootopia, the Secret Life of Pets, and Doctor Strange. Then they each answer the question, what’s your favorite Marvel movie?

Episode 82: They [actually don’t] Have a Plan


Andy talks about the reviews Pyramid Arcade is starting to get, and laments minor errors that have emerged on one of the gameboards inside. But mostly the guys just discuss media, in particular, a couple of long discussions about Westworld. Other topics include a couple of series from the BBC (Space Race and Black Mirror) and a new Beatles album from an alternate dimension, called Everyday Chemistry.

Episode 81: Gimme Some of Them Shrampees


First, Andy & Keith check in on each other’s games, Illimat and Pyramid Arcade, then they talk about conventions they each just got back from, GameHoleCon for Andy and Ambercon for Keith. Then they get into lengthy, spoiler-laced discussions of The Good Place, Timeless, and Westworld.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers inside.

Episode 80: Andy’s in Chubble


Illimat is the first subject of note, since Keith’s Kickstarter is just about to close. Andy talks about his recent West Coast trip, in particular discussing visits to local institutions including Portland’s numerous McMenamins locations, and LA’s Time Travel Mart, where Andy bought a mysterious product imported from the future called Chubble. Media subjects include Timeless, Westworld, and The Good Place.