Monthly archives of “January 2020

Toss a Coin to the Mandalorian

This week the word is Misunderstanding. Andy explains the point of confusion that led to an odd choice for the cartoon that happened a couple of weeks ago, and yammers about movies featuring VW Beetles, including Bumblebee, the Cars movies, and in particular, Herbie the Love Bug. Keith talks about The Repair Shop and things that make him feel old. He also talks about Knives Out and Rian Johnson’s style as a director, which gets both of them ranting about Star Wars movies again. They each talk a little about their current work projects, then they discuss a book called Ship of Theseus. After the spoiler warning they discuss The Witcher and The Mandalorian.

Spoiler warning: Contains Spoilers!

Episode 210: Shut Up, Nerd!

This week the word is Mystery. The guys discuss the “Mystery Box” approach to story-telling, mysteries in general, and mystery stories with solvable endings vs. those that can never really be resolved. Keith talks about deliberately unanswered questions in the backstory of Eberron, and Andy talks about being on jury duty. They also discuss mystery as a theme in games. After the spoiler warning they discuss Star Wars 9 at length.

Spoiler warning: Contains Spoilers!