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Episode 98: Keith & Andy’s Precious Little Podcast


This week Keith is finally able to reveal the details of his mysterious “Project Ex” game: It’s “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game,” which will be released later this year from Renegade Games! Keith also talks about marketing plans for Illimat which leads to a discussion of GenCon and summer travel plans in general. Andy talks about the total eclipse of the sun that will be happening on August 17th, and recounts some of the events that just happened at the GAMA Trade Show. Media topics include Continuum, Last Man on Earth, Time After Time, Fargo, Legion, This Is Us, The Americans, and Powerless. They also grouse about how unrealistically Hollywood portrays poker games and sword fights. Lastly, Keith mentions a new podcast he’s going to be appearing on, called Manifest Zone.

Episode 97: The 7th Voyage of JoCo


Keith and Andy are fresh off the boat having had a grand time on the seventh Jonathan Coulton Cruise. Topics include the new improved game room, Andy winning Andy vs Everybody, Keith playtesting his new games (Project Ex and Action Cats), Andy playtesting his newest Fluxx prototype (Space Fluxx), and of course, the onboard entertainment, with particular shout outs to Song Exploder, the What’s Your F***ing Problem panel, and Greg Benson’s Morning Show.

Episode 95: You’ve Ruined Groundhog Day!


Keith talks about things that happened in a recent RPG he’s been playing, in which a turning point was a moment when a magical fox said something rude to him. This leads to a discussion of what people enjoy about role-playing, and in specifically what his wife Jenn likes — and doesn’t like — about role-playing. We learn that Jenn dislikes close-up magic acts. They talk about a new song by the Doubleclicks that mentioned Gloom and Fluxx, then they talk about Codenames. Media topics include Legion, Infinity Train, Tim’s Vermeer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Powerless, and The Lego Batman Movie. Keith hints again about Project Ex, and Andy talks about his new time travel board game in the works, Time Breaker. Keith mentions his dog, Ping, and Andy talks about Dave Bondi’s doggie. Lastly Andy talks about the return of Nanofictionary and he rants about a flaw he recently observed in the classic film, Groundhog Day.

Episode 93: Too Many Dogs


First the guys discuss more silly expressions than they can shake a stick at. Andy talks about PAX South, and Keith talks about the Alamo Drafthouse. They talk about work projects, and get into a discussion about team play in board games. Keith describes a classic game called Fury of Dracula, Andy talks about the origins of Werewolf, and Keith talks about Yahtzee and Yacht, the game Yahtzee was based on. Keith shares his thoughts on Hidden Figures, and the other types of ketchup. Then they complain about how the changing march of technology (and magic technology) doesn’t impact fictional worlds the way it does in reality. Lastly, they discuss time travel shows, including Timeless and Seven Days.

Episode 90: Robocopping


First, Keith talks Artificers in D&D and the issues around being a world-builder whose worlds are expanded upon by other designers, who don’t always understand the core concepts of the backstory. Keith also talks about variant rules for Illimat he’s been developing, including solitaire and team play. Andy mentions having seen and loved Hidden Figures, and then gets into a long discussion about Game of Thrones, which he’s finally been starting to absorb. He’s been using a technique called Robocopping, in which a friend watches the show with you, fast-forwarding through most of it, letting you watch just the most interesting parts and summarizing the rest of it for you.

Episode 89: Call Me Ben


Andy & Keith talk about how they spent their holidays, then they discuss various issues about running RPGs. Then they talk about movies, including La La Land, Moana, Rogue One, Backstroke of the West, and the Vader Sessions. Lastly, Andy describes in depth the Star Wars movie he’d like to see, which would be about the life story of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Episode 82: They [actually don’t] Have a Plan


Andy talks about the reviews Pyramid Arcade is starting to get, and laments minor errors that have emerged on one of the gameboards inside. But mostly the guys just discuss media, in particular, a couple of long discussions about Westworld. Other topics include a couple of series from the BBC (Space Race and Black Mirror) and a new Beatles album from an alternate dimension, called Everyday Chemistry.

Episode 72: You Have to Question Everything Now


Andy & Keith talk travel & conventions, and how different it is to be working at such events instead of just attending them. Then they talk about stuff they are each working, including a lot of hinting about licensed works they can’t name yet. Keith talks about the most recent version of Gloom, and Andy’s big pile of unpublished Fluxx decks, including Math Fluxx. Then they discuss the challenge of making a game design as simple as possible versus the gameplay strengths that can be gained by a higher level of complexity. Andy talks about Cosmic Coasters, 4X games, and advice from James Ernest. Then they discuss the exciting new world of print-on-demand books, and soon, tarot-sized cards. Lastly, they talk a lot about spoilers in a spoiler-heavy discussion of Mr. Robot.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.

Episode 70: Phoenix: A Very Special Episode


It’s a very special episode of the Download, recorded at GenCon, featuring special guests Kristin Looney, Leila Zucker, and Laurie Menke, who join Andy in a demo session of Keith’s just-released RPG, called Phoenix: Dawn Command. Can this new team of Phoenixes save the Flame-Keeper from The Chant?

Episode 69: The Stakes Have Never Been Higher!


Keith & Andy have just returned from GenCon and they have many stories about the convention to share. Topics include the games they played, the events they ran, and the local food they most enjoyed: Giordano’s pizza. They also discuss some useful all-purpose phrases, including “that explains a lot!” and “but at what cost?”