Episode 232: The Lady Shoots the Tiger with Chekov’s Gun

This week the word is unfinished. The nerds talk about various stories that don’t have endings vs those with neatly tied-up endings, and how some projects are better left unfinished. Then they discuss Keith’s tombstone story from episode 148, since this show was actually recorded on the infamous date of June 23, 2020. Then Andy talks about having just watched Dunkirk, which Keith talked about in episode 148. Next they re-visit last week’s discussions of Star Trek 6, specifically the scene involving a phaser in the ship’s galley. Andy describes a book called The Sea People, and Keith talks about the Lady Astronaut series. Lastly they lower the spoiler curtain to discuss season 2 of Homecoming so far, as well as other shows they’ve each been watching.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.