Episode 223: Deep Rants with Andy Looney

This week the word is 23. Keith explains why 23 is his favorite number, and the nerds reminisce about what they were each doing when they were 23 years old. Andy tells the story of how he got hired at NASA, and what it was like working for the Hubble Space Telescope. Then Andy spends a lot of time talking about Battlefield Earth, after which he mentions a few things that will be changing in the next printing of Math Fluxx. Then they each give their latest reports from the Quarantine Zone. They talk a little about the upcoming Dune movie, and talk more about the National Lampoon parody thereof. Other topics they ramble about include expressions they don’t think make sense and Match Game and other game shows. At the very end they spend a few minutes discuss the next episode of Westworld.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.