Episode 63: Do The Broncos Exist?


Keith and Andy compare notes on Pandemic Legacy and Risk Legacy, with Keith having only played the former and Andy having only played the latter. They also discuss the Brexit vote, and how it might fit into a future Chrononauts game. Media topics include The Americans, Night Gallery, Game of Thrones, Fringe, and a spoiler-heavy discussion of the first season of Mr. Robot. Lastly, they get into a fascinating discussion about fictional religions in Keith’s D&D world, Eberron.

SPOILER WARNINGS: Contains Spoilers.

Fringe Watch List

4: The Arrival
11: Bound
14: Ability
17: Bad Dreams
19: The Road Not Taken
20: There’s More Than One Of Everything

8: August
10: Grey Matters
15: Jacksonville
16: Peter
19: The Man From The Other Side
20: Brown Betty
21: Northwest Passage (really just the ending)
22: Over There Part 1
23: Over There Part 2

ALL OF SEASON 3 (Except 9: Marionette)