Episode 46: Don’t Miss the Boat!


Andy & Keith just got back from JoCo Cruise 6 so that’s the big topic this week, including Keith’s story of almost being left behind on St. Maarten. They both did a lot of playtesting on the boat: Andy was showing off all the games in Pyramid Arcade, and Keith was testing out his secret “Project B” game. Other topics include one of the shows Keith most enjoyed, Imogen Heap’s performance, Andy talks about visiting the Kennedy Space Center with other “sea monkeys” when the cruise ended, and they both share stories about hanging out with geeky celebs including other game designers, in particular James Ernest and Mike Selinker. Non-cruise topics include Keith’s next version of Gloom, the differences between their roles as a Free-lance designer vs. being on staff, and Andy’s experiences with wearing a giant mascot costume of an Uglydoll character at Toy Fair.