Episode 263: The Talisman Effect

Blurb: This week the word is Expansion. The nerds discuss the challenges of creating expansions for games, including issues like bloat, keeping current with changing source material, and needing to have something cool & new for the expansion vs. wishing for that cool new feature to be part of the core game. Some specific games they discuss (in addition to their own) are Talisman, The Lord of the Rings board game, Over-the-Edge’s Cut-Ups system, Cosmic Encounter, and even Monopoly. Then Andy discusses the process of developing two new expansions for the Star Trek Fluxx series of games, and Keith drops the code word “pomegranate.” Next they discuss the next difficult-to-read entry in their book club, which is Dictionary of the Khazars, by Milorad Pavic. Lastly, after the spoiler curtain, they discuss Debris, in particular episodes 9 & 10.

SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers.