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Episode 137: The Bummer Episode


First Andy talks about the recently announced plans for Star Trek Fluxxes, and talks about the name he finally came up with for his 31st pyramid game, Nomids. Then Andy gets heavy and talks about his current struggles with his aging father who’s becoming increasingly forgetful. Next they talk work and about some of the challenges they each face as entrepreneurs in an overly saturated marketplace. Lastly, they spend a lot of time discussing the season finale of Star Trek Discovery.


Episode 136: Secret Baked Noodles


First Keith talks about D&D, starting with the campaign he’s currently running, then discussing some of the pros and cons of the various major editions of D&D. Then they discuss upcoming events including the JoCo Cruise, Toy Fair, and the GAMA Trade Show. Keith talks about a game he just learned called The Fox and the Forest, and Andy talks about one he just tried, called Magic Maze. Then they talk about all the Cthulhu games Keith has created. After dropping the spoiler curtain, they talk about the most recent episodes of The Good Place and Star Trek: Discovery.


Episode 135: I Was a Teenage Scamp


First Keith reports on his recent trip to his hometown of Ithaca NY. Andy mentions that this year’s Burning Man theme is “I, Robot” and Keith tells Andy about a new game being designed by friends of his called Inhuman Conditions, which is about trying to determine if your opponent is a robot or a human. Then they talk about tattoos people have gotten featuring images from their games. Andy tells Keith about a memorable hand of Action Cats! Then they spend more than half the show talking about Star Trek: Discovery, which Keith has finally gotten caught up on.