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Episode 96: Designer Whiplash


First the guys talk about the JoCo cruise, for which they depart in just a few days. Then Andy talks about Toy Fair and the newest products Looney Labs was showing off there, including Andy’s Amsterdam Coffeeshop coffee table book, which he’s been working on a lot recently. Andy talks about “Designer Whiplash,” a game inventor’s problem in which playtesters get burned out by too many rule changes. Keith talks about his newest RPG project, which he’s hoping to have more replayability than most RPGs which can only be played once. He also talks about Project Ex, which will no longer be secret within weeks, and Andy teases his new game Time Breaker. Moving on to media, they discuss the Batman Lego Movie, Legion, Powerless, This is Us, Emerald City, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Episode 95: You’ve Ruined Groundhog Day!


Keith talks about things that happened in a recent RPG he’s been playing, in which a turning point was a moment when a magical fox said something rude to him. This leads to a discussion of what people enjoy about role-playing, and in specifically what his wife Jenn likes — and doesn’t like — about role-playing. We learn that Jenn dislikes close-up magic acts. They talk about a new song by the Doubleclicks that mentioned Gloom and Fluxx, then they talk about Codenames. Media topics include Legion, Infinity Train, Tim’s Vermeer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Powerless, and The Lego Batman Movie. Keith hints again about Project Ex, and Andy talks about his new time travel board game in the works, Time Breaker. Keith mentions his dog, Ping, and Andy talks about Dave Bondi’s doggie. Lastly Andy talks about the return of Nanofictionary and he rants about a flaw he recently observed in the classic film, Groundhog Day.

Episode 94: That’s Not How Time Travel Works!


Keith talks about an RPG he’s playing, which leads to discussions of books by Tim Powers and Roger Zelazny, and also games involving tarot cards and objects that look different from what they actually are. Then they reminisce about classic kids shows, in particular The Electric Company. Andy talks about being interviewed about the early days of Live Action Role Playing by author Jon Peterson. Moving on to media, they discuss Timeless, mostly just complaining about how time travel supposedly works on that show. Other topics include Steven Universe, Fringe, Jodorowsky’s Dune, and Rick & Morty.

Episode 86: Fun with Math and Chemistry!


Keith talks about a new role-playing system Will Hindmarch is developing, and a scenario called Homecoming which Keith wrote for this system. Keith also talks about something else he’s working on, called Dungeon Dogs. Then Andy talks about the design for Chemistry Fluxx and a couple of cards he’s finding problematic. He also mentions a last minute addition to Math Fluxx called Plan C. Lastly they talk about the series Timeless, including some ranting by Andy about the Apollo-11 episode.

Episode 85: Norwegian Omelette


Andy & Keith spend most of this episode talking about media, although they try to hold back on the spoilers until near the end. Subjects they go deep on include the series Westworld and the films Arrival and Dr. Strange. Keith talks about an RPG scenario he’s about to run, and Andy talks about foreign language editions of Just Desserts, in which Baked Alaska becomes Norwegian Omelette. They also talk about a couple of tabletop games they recently played, Mystic Vale and The Game.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers Inside

Episode 83: Big Chubble in College Park


This week Keith’s in town, so they guys record the episode in Andy’s Game Room, where they spend some time discussing random vintage games in Andy’s collection. Andy gives Keith a box of cold-fusion Chubble which leads to yet another discussion about time travel. Keith talks about The Magicians and notes some of the differences between the book and the series. Keith talks about watching the series Space Race, causing Andy to talk about spaceflight history, in particular project Vanguard and race to launch the first satellite. Moving on to movies, they talk a little about Fantastic Beasts, Zootopia, the Secret Life of Pets, and Doctor Strange. Then they each answer the question, what’s your favorite Marvel movie?

Episode 81: Gimme Some of Them Shrampees


First, Andy & Keith check in on each other’s games, Illimat and Pyramid Arcade, then they talk about conventions they each just got back from, GameHoleCon for Andy and Ambercon for Keith. Then they get into lengthy, spoiler-laced discussions of The Good Place, Timeless, and Westworld.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers inside.

Episode 80: Andy’s in Chubble


Illimat is the first subject of note, since Keith’s Kickstarter is just about to close. Andy talks about his recent West Coast trip, in particular discussing visits to local institutions including Portland’s numerous McMenamins locations, and LA’s Time Travel Mart, where Andy bought a mysterious product imported from the future called Chubble. Media subjects include Timeless, Westworld, and The Good Place.

Episode 79: The People’s Duel


This week Andy stops in Portland (during his big West Coast Trip) to visit Keith. Andy tells Keith how the trip has been so far, and Keith tells Andy about the Illimat Kickstarter he’s right in the middle of. Other topics include dog parks, Pyramid Arcade, the musical Hamilton, and dueling with paintball guns. Lastly they discuss several new shows: Timeless, Westworld, and Luke Cage.

Episode 77: Gobstoppers


The episode begins with Keith talking about his about-to-launch Kickstarter for his new game Illimat, and Andy points out that it’s an example of something he calls a Gobstopper: something that started out as a fictional thing, then became a real-life version of that thing. But then they spent most of the episode talking about the season 2 finale of Mr. Robot.