Monthly archives of “May 2018

Episode 147: The S’mores Problem


Andy complains about the expression “Pulling the trigger,” which leads to a discussion of the stun setting on guns in Star Wars. Then Andy talks about a great new way of preparing S’mores he just developed. Next, Andy talks about hammering out a design for Deep Space Nine Fluxx, now that the first two Star Trek Fluxxes are about to go to the printer. They discuss Star Trek for awhile, then move on to the Expanse, Westworld, Counterpart, Orphan Black, and lastly, the Avengers. Mostly these are high-level, non-spoilery discussions.

Episode 146: Burning Down the Dungeon


First Keith reports on how things are going with his current D&D campaign, and describes a really cool player involvement technique he’s been using. Andy reports on the status of the development of the Star Trek Fluxxes, and talks about his father’s declining health. Then they talk about Infinity War, for like, forever. They also discuss Westworld.


Episode 145: Dinosaurs Riding Magic Trains


The guys discuss a lot of media this time, starting with Isle of Dogs and their expectations about the impending Infinity War. Andy talks about a scene he’d like to have seen in the Lord or the Rings, involving the Eagles, then he complains about people who ask if Pyramid Arcade is the Cones of Dunshire. Keith offers helpful advice and talks about dealing with people who are dismissive about Eberron. Then they bring down the Spoiler Curtain to discuss A Quiet Place and the first episode of season 2 of Westworld.