Monthly archives of “March 2018

Episode 139: Why is John Travolta Here?


First the guys discuss their upcoming travel plans. Then Keith talks about watching the Oscars with his custom bingo cards, and they discuss the movie previews that were shown before Black Panther. They debate the question of whether Groundhog Day is science-fiction or fantasy, and discuss various genre definitions. Lastly they discuss Black Panther in detail.


Episode 138: Walter Koenig’s Ear


Keith just got back from this year’s JoCo Cruise and spends most of this episode telling Andy all about it. Meanwhile, Andy was at Toy Fair and talks about that a bit. They also talk for awhile about the challenge of writing the rules for a game, such that they won’t lead to incorrect interpretations and yet won’t be too overwhelming. Regarding media, they talk slightly about Counterpart, Travelers, and Star Trek Discovery.

Episode 137: The Bummer Episode


First Andy talks about the recently announced plans for Star Trek Fluxxes, and talks about the name he finally came up with for his 31st pyramid game, Nomids. Then Andy gets heavy and talks about his current struggles with his aging father who’s becoming increasingly forgetful. Next they talk work and about some of the challenges they each face as entrepreneurs in an overly saturated marketplace. Lastly, they spend a lot of time discussing the season finale of Star Trek Discovery.