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Episode 153: The Perfect Sky is Torn


First the guys chat about the weather, and work stuff… Andy talks about some new design ideas he’s been having for Space Fluxx… but they spend the most of this show talking about Westworld, first discussing the original 1973 film, and later, the finale of season 2 of the series.


Episode 152: Sneaky Kobold Units


The guys spend this whole episode just rambling about a wide range of topics, which include: visiting New Orleans, various implications of life-like robots, the tricky role of the Seer in a game of Werewolf, listener comments, dealing with cell phone usage in modern setting RPG games, strange cat behaviors, and a new game about robots which Andy is working on. Media topics mentioned include Westworld, Legion, Bumblebee, The Tick, The Good Place, The Americans, Solo, RGB, and Powerless.

Episode 151: Jurassic West World


Andy and Keith start with a lot of non-spoilery discussions about Westworld, with small mentions of The Americans, Legion, Fahrenheit 451, and Into the Badlands. Then they discuss the Transformers at some length, and a few other things include The Crossing, watching movies on airplanes, and ducks. Andy talks about work stuff, having just finished up work on the last of 10 new products SKUs Looney Labs will be releasing at the end of the summer. Keith mentions work stuff he can’t talk about, and instead talks about growing peas and cucumbers in his garden. Andy talks about visiting his dad, who’s health is continuing to decline. Then they talk about seeing Fluxx and Gloom sold side by side in faraway game stores, which gets Keith talking about some new ideas he’s been having for Gloom. Lastly, after lowering the spoiler curtain, they discuss the penultimate episode of season 2 of Westworld.


Episode 150: So Low


First, Keith reports on his recent trip to the UK, including stories about Portmeirion, the Sir John Soanes Museum, UK Games Expo, and a boardgames meetup group called London On Board. Meanwhile, Andy’s just been working and watching TV. Moving on to media, they touch on Fahrenheit 451, The Americans, Legion, The Crossing, Into the Badlands, Dirk Gently, and Westworld, and then spend a lot of time discussing Solo.


Episode 149: One Rulesheet To Rule Them All


First Keith talks about Slurpees and a game called Vye. Andy talks about work stuff he’s been focusing on, including a massive redesign of the standard Fluxx rulesheet. Keith mentions his upcoming trip to Wales and the guys talk about games in and about The Prisoner. This leads to a discussion of reboots and problems that different shows can run into in their second season. Comments sent in by a listener named Michael get the guys into another conversation about stun guns and various other big-picture questions about the Star Wars universe. After dropping the spoiler curtain they discuss Westworld, the Expanse, and the Crossing.


Episode 148: June 23, 2020


First the guys catch up on the stuff they’re each working on. Keith tells a story about a questionable decision by a tombstone manufacturer, and asks philosophical questions about sci-fi scenarios involving robots. Moving on to media, the guys discuss Legion, Better Call Saul, the Last Man on Earth, Dunkirk, the Greatest Showman, and Westworld.


Episode 147: The S’mores Problem


Andy complains about the expression “Pulling the trigger,” which leads to a discussion of the stun setting on guns in Star Wars. Then Andy talks about a great new way of preparing S’mores he just developed. Next, Andy talks about hammering out a design for Deep Space Nine Fluxx, now that the first two Star Trek Fluxxes are about to go to the printer. They discuss Star Trek for awhile, then move on to the Expanse, Westworld, Counterpart, Orphan Black, and lastly, the Avengers. Mostly these are high-level, non-spoilery discussions.

Episode 146: Burning Down the Dungeon


First Keith reports on how things are going with his current D&D campaign, and describes a really cool player involvement technique he’s been using. Andy reports on the status of the development of the Star Trek Fluxxes, and talks about his father’s declining health. Then they talk about Infinity War, for like, forever. They also discuss Westworld.


Episode 145: Dinosaurs Riding Magic Trains


The guys discuss a lot of media this time, starting with Isle of Dogs and their expectations about the impending Infinity War. Andy talks about a scene he’d like to have seen in the Lord or the Rings, involving the Eagles, then he complains about people who ask if Pyramid Arcade is the Cones of Dunshire. Keith offers helpful advice and talks about dealing with people who are dismissive about Eberron. Then they bring down the Spoiler Curtain to discuss A Quiet Place and the first episode of season 2 of Westworld.


Episode 144: Tunnels and Toiletries


First the guys talk about a couple of games Andy played for the first time while visiting Keith, Onitama and Starfall. Then Keith talks about the D&D campaign he’s currently running, and what he’s planning to spring on his players next. Moving on to media, topics include The Expanse, A Quiet Place, Counterpart, Lost in Space, Groundhog Day, and Ready Player One.