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Episode 98: Keith & Andy’s Precious Little Podcast


This week Keith is finally able to reveal the details of his mysterious “Project Ex” game: It’s “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game,” which will be released later this year from Renegade Games! Keith also talks about marketing plans for Illimat which leads to a discussion of GenCon and summer travel plans in general. Andy talks about the total eclipse of the sun that will be happening on August 17th, and recounts some of the events that just happened at the GAMA Trade Show. Media topics include Continuum, Last Man on Earth, Time After Time, Fargo, Legion, This Is Us, The Americans, and Powerless. They also grouse about how unrealistically Hollywood portrays poker games and sword fights. Lastly, Keith mentions a new podcast he’s going to be appearing on, called Manifest Zone.

Episode 70: Phoenix: A Very Special Episode


It’s a very special episode of the Download, recorded at GenCon, featuring special guests Kristin Looney, Leila Zucker, and Laurie Menke, who join Andy in a demo session of Keith’s just-released RPG, called Phoenix: Dawn Command. Can this new team of Phoenixes save the Flame-Keeper from The Chant?

Episode 69: The Stakes Have Never Been Higher!


Keith & Andy have just returned from GenCon and they have many stories about the convention to share. Topics include the games they played, the events they ran, and the local food they most enjoyed: Giordano’s pizza. They also discuss some useful all-purpose phrases, including “that explains a lot!” and “but at what cost?”