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Episode 105: Time Spanks Tom Hanks


First Keith talks about his recent trip to Portugal, where, among other things, he enjoyed seeing the roof cats of Porto. They discuss the mystery of why we have different names for foreign geographic locations than the names used by the people who actually live in those places. Keith mentions a couple of books including Anno Dracula and Last Call. Andy reports on some of the stuff going on at Looney Labs, then talks about TARDIS technology and the time traveler known as The Plumber. They discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 without being very spoilery, along with The Americans, Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans, Rouge One, and the BBC series from the 80’s called The Tripods.

Episode 97: The 7th Voyage of JoCo


Keith and Andy are fresh off the boat having had a grand time on the seventh Jonathan Coulton Cruise. Topics include the new improved game room, Andy winning Andy vs Everybody, Keith playtesting his new games (Project Ex and Action Cats), Andy playtesting his newest Fluxx prototype (Space Fluxx), and of course, the onboard entertainment, with particular shout outs to Song Exploder, the What’s Your F***ing Problem panel, and Greg Benson’s Morning Show.

Episode 66: Dungeons and Snuggles


Topics this week include American wizards in the Harry Potter universe, fan-created Star Trek shows, the digital Gloom Kickstarter, and the D&D episode of the Goldbergs. Lastly, they go behind the spoiler curtain to discuss the start of season 2 of Mr. Robot.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.

Episode 64: Next Stop: Stupidville!


Topics this week include: Simul-viewing (watching something at the same time as someone else in separate locations and texting to each other during the show); the lessons of rule complexity found in the fictional card game Fizzbin; the benefits of keeping the core of a game design simple and increasing the complexity with advanced rules included later; Keith’s new design-in-progress, Project 12; and finally, a long, spoiler-heavy discussion of The Americans, with minor side discussions of Fringe, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and Unreal.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.

Episode 54: The Super Lobster Stage


Andy talks about the final days of the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter, and Keith talks about his progress on Project X. Then Keith talks about his recent trip to Maine, where his visited the current members of a college group he founded 20 years ago, called the Bates Discordians. Keith mentions his “interesting thing” trick for remembering someone’s name, and also talks about the growth stages of lobsters. Then Andy talks about his trip to PAX East, where he did his Improv Fluxx Design panel, in which he created a design for Muppet Fluxx live before a large audience, complete with on-the-spot illustrations drawn by noted Fluxx illustrator, Derek Ring. Then Keith tells Andy a few things about Game of Thrones and Dexter, neither of which Andy has seen or read.

Episode 52: Again With The Time Travel


Andy & Keith check in with each other on work stuff, but then spend most of the time talking about media, in particular a long, spoiler-heavy discussion of 11.22.63, plus other time travel shows including Legends of Tomorrow and the last episode of the first season of Man Seeking Woman. Also, since the trailer for the next Star Wars movie just hit the net, they end up yammering about that for quite awhile. Lastly, Keith talks about his recent appearance on the Gosh Darn Fiasco podcast.

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains spoilers!

Episode 51: Time Travelers are Never Late


Andy & Keith start by discussing the status of their Kickstarter projects: Pyramid Arcade by Andy and Phoenix by Keith. But mostly they discuss media, in particular time travel shows and superhero shows. But they don’t discuss 11.22.63 much because Andy is lame and hasn’t seen the ending yet. And neither of them have seen new Batman/Superman movie, but that doesn’t stop them from discussing it. Andy mentions his all-time favorite books, the Tripod series by John Christopher, and his recommended reading order. Keith talks about being mistaken for fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. Andy discusses the pyramid videos being uploaded daily in support of the Kickstarter.

Episode 50: They Do Not Have a Plan


This week, Andy & Keith celebrate their 50th show by sharing the microphone with Goodloe Byron, the cartoonist who doodles up those charming and hilarious illustrations that are posted with each week’s new episode. They talk about how the cartoons happen every week, then they geek out on a huge range of subjects, including the Prisoner, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, the Sarah Connor Chronicles, American Horror Story, Last Resort, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and of course, Star Wars.

Episode 49: Big Burly Men from Scotland


Andy talks about his recent trip to Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show, and other topics include the enormous power of expectations, ideas for future editions of Chrononauts, and the fun of pretending to be a time traveler. Keith & Andy also spend a lot of time discussing media, including the movies Hail Caesar and The Intern, and the shows 11.22.63, Outlander, and The Americans.

Spoiler Alert: Beware of the spoilers!

Episode 48: Pyramid Discordia


First, Andy & Keith talk about how Kickstarter has re-shaped the world of independent game publishing, how much harder it is to implement ideas than it is to come up with them, and how novice inventors are prone to the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Then they spend a lot of time reminiscing about the early days of Icehouse, including Andy’s creation of the very first set of pyramids using lead fishing weights. But the biggest topic is that Keith finally tells the story of how he and his fellow Bates Discordians took over the Fourth International Icehouse Tournament back in 1992.