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Episode 97: The 7th Voyage of JoCo


Keith and Andy are fresh off the boat having had a grand time on the seventh Jonathan Coulton Cruise. Topics include the new improved game room, Andy winning Andy vs Everybody, Keith playtesting his new games (Project Ex and Action Cats), Andy playtesting his newest Fluxx prototype (Space Fluxx), and of course, the onboard entertainment, with particular shout outs to Song Exploder, the What’s Your F***ing Problem panel, and Greg Benson’s Morning Show.

Episode 96: Designer Whiplash


First the guys talk about the JoCo cruise, for which they depart in just a few days. Then Andy talks about Toy Fair and the newest products Looney Labs was showing off there, including Andy’s Amsterdam Coffeeshop coffee table book, which he’s been working on a lot recently. Andy talks about “Designer Whiplash,” a game inventor’s problem in which playtesters get burned out by too many rule changes. Keith talks about his newest RPG project, which he’s hoping to have more replayability than most RPGs which can only be played once. He also talks about Project Ex, which will no longer be secret within weeks, and Andy teases his new game Time Breaker. Moving on to media, they discuss the Batman Lego Movie, Legion, Powerless, This is Us, Emerald City, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Episode 94: That’s Not How Time Travel Works!


Keith talks about an RPG he’s playing, which leads to discussions of books by Tim Powers and Roger Zelazny, and also games involving tarot cards and objects that look different from what they actually are. Then they reminisce about classic kids shows, in particular The Electric Company. Andy talks about being interviewed about the early days of Live Action Role Playing by author Jon Peterson. Moving on to media, they discuss Timeless, mostly just complaining about how time travel supposedly works on that show. Other topics include Steven Universe, Fringe, Jodorowsky’s Dune, and Rick & Morty.

Episode 93: Too Many Dogs


First the guys discuss more silly expressions than they can shake a stick at. Andy talks about PAX South, and Keith talks about the Alamo Drafthouse. They talk about work projects, and get into a discussion about team play in board games. Keith describes a classic game called Fury of Dracula, Andy talks about the origins of Werewolf, and Keith talks about Yahtzee and Yacht, the game Yahtzee was based on. Keith shares his thoughts on Hidden Figures, and the other types of ketchup. Then they complain about how the changing march of technology (and magic technology) doesn’t impact fictional worlds the way it does in reality. Lastly, they discuss time travel shows, including Timeless and Seven Days.

Episode 92: Hail Trackanon!


First, Keith talks about being back in his old home town of Ithaca NY, and the travel nightmare he went through to get there. They discuss quotes they’ve been quoting slightly incorrectly. Andy talks about the newest Fluxx design he just cranked out a prototype for, with the help of his friend Dr. Leila: Anatomy Fluxx. Next they discuss travel plans and upcoming events, including the JoCo Cruise. Turning to media, topics include The OA, the Trackanon episode of Man Seeking Woman, Timeless, This Is Us, and lastly, a very spoilery discussion about the season finale of The Good Place.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers Inside

Episode 91: Let’s Build that Reactor!


First, Keith talks about snow in Portland. Then the guys discuss a bit from Robot Chicken which they have found highly quotable. They discuss the projects they’re each working on for a bit, then they get into media, discussing Travelers, the OA, Continuum, Boardwalk Empire, Manchester by the Sea, Hidden Figures, This Is Us, Journeyman, and the Magicians. Then Keith talks about a role-playing game he’s currently in, and Andy talks about a big new board game for 8 players called Captain Sonar. Lastly they go back to media for a somewhat-spoilery discussion of The Good Place.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside.

Episode 89: Call Me Ben


Andy & Keith talk about how they spent their holidays, then they discuss various issues about running RPGs. Then they talk about movies, including La La Land, Moana, Rogue One, Backstroke of the West, and the Vader Sessions. Lastly, Andy describes in depth the Star Wars movie he’d like to see, which would be about the life story of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Episode 88: Dungeons & Tunnels


First Andy & Keith talk about how they spent their holidays. Then they yammer about watching TV, and videos on the internet, and watching shows via streaming. They discuss an imaginary show called “Designated Survivor Survivor”. Then they get into a deep conversation about RPGs, the different player styles they attract, and a home-brew system Andy & Keith invented long ago called Dungeons & Tunnels. Then they talk about how hyperspace makes chase scenes in space nonsensical. Lastly, they get into a spoiler-laden discussion about Designated Survivor.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers inside

Episode 87: Rogue One Roundup


First Keith and Andy discuss holiday preparations and some lesser known holiday traditions. They also talk a little about the ups and downs of 2016, including the many notable deaths. [And this was recorded before they heard about Carrie Fisher.] But mostly the guys just talk about media: first they discuss a couple of TV shows including Designated Survivor and Timeless, then Keith gives his views on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Finally, they discuss Star Wars: Rogue One at length, with side topics including Episode 7 and the Star Wars Holiday Special. Watch out for spoilers after they bring down the Spoiler Curtain.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers Inside

Episode 86: Fun with Math and Chemistry!


Keith talks about a new role-playing system Will Hindmarch is developing, and a scenario called Homecoming which Keith wrote for this system. Keith also talks about something else he’s working on, called Dungeon Dogs. Then Andy talks about the design for Chemistry Fluxx and a couple of cards he’s finding problematic. He also mentions a last minute addition to Math Fluxx called Plan C. Lastly they talk about the series Timeless, including some ranting by Andy about the Apollo-11 episode.